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Global Village Store Celebrates MLK By Putting Black Things On Sale

Tying in promotions to a holiday is a tradition, but come on:


Photo credit: George Ellsworth

It seems the Global Village Store in Duluth Minnesota thinks this is a good tie-in. When I phoned them to confirm just now, they excitedly said “Yep!! All black items are on sale!”

So, there you go.

Here is their Facebook post promoting it as well.

Just. Stop. It.

Show support, respect or just be quiet. Every occasion isn’t a selling occasion.

Thanks to Tom Buccheim and Russ Evansen for the heads-up on Twitter

  • Their Facebook post is worse than I could have even imagined.

    • Jessop Petroski

      Should I laugh or be enraged by that FB post? Really???

      • Michael Walker

        i laughed, why would you get enraged?

    • Michael Walker

      wasnt that bad you delicate sheep

    • Matt Woodall

      They’ve posted again trying to defend the original post. They clearly don’t get it…..

  • Is it wrong that I hope someone burns the place down tonight?

    • Samantha

      Yes. You are white, moron. Besides, a negro would be overpriced at only %25 off.

    • Michael Walker

      yeah it is you effin psychopath !

    • Really, you’re hoping that someone reacts to a callous and insensitive “sale” with actual violence?

    • You should see a doctor

  • Barbara Winter

    Repugnant, indeed.

  • Maybe they could have done this for Black Friday shopping but THIS is just wrong. It’s as if they were born without a sensitivity gene.

  • OMG – horrible!

  • Matt Woodall

    I feel like someone needs to hit them over the head with a rolled up newpaper. NO, BAD STORE!

    • LOL

    • Newspaper? What’s that.

      • Matt Woodall

        It’s an outdated
        technology soon to be relegated to the Smithsonian. Currently however they
        arrive on my doorstep and are useful for building fires and correcting bad behavior.

  • What’s worse? Being such an insensitive buffoon (or a racist moron) to post such a thing … or to not check your company Facebook page for responses … for THREE DAYS ????? Sigh.

  • geekbabe

    I’m searching for words here.. utterly appalling

  • Aptdoctor

    Please tell me this is a very bad joke . . .

  • Un-freaking-believable. More fuel for your books eh Scott?

  • These types of companies make your job easier, huh?

  • Silagh

    Disgusting. Utterly Disgraceful.

  • Brian Borawski

    Some of the comments on their Facebook post are pretty brutal.

  • Courtney Tarnow

    Shockingly, they had the same promotion the last two years with little to no attention. If they need to learn a lesson about marketing/social media ettiquette, I certainly hope they’re paying attention and that this year will be the last.

  • Completely tasteless

  • Lynn

    In February, I assume all black items will be…free.

  • How stupid can humans really get?

  • April

    Well the comments on their FB page gave me a good laugh. At least we all still have some commen sense which is more than we can say for that store!

  • redneckbarbie20

    Now how is this any different then a black store owner doing this??? Oh thats right…blacks can get away with anything…..whites are always wrong.
    I think its funny and would spend money there….get off your soap boxes and quit drinking the Kool Aid

  • Jay Rosenberg

    Maybe the sale is over tomorrow. Someone ought to talk to the owner…

  • Shaun Peterson

    The local paper covered it. The owner is gonna stop, not because she believes it is wrong but purely because people got mad. (But they totally shouldn’t have gotten mad because this was totally a great idea)

  • DB

    It’s not about not-selling things around a theme. The legacy of civil rights stems from the practice of selling and buying black people and the inhumanity of labeling something because of its color. That’s what’s really insulting about this – not that they’re marketing something on a day of remembrance.

  • Michael Walker

    man you are all a bunch of delicate panty liners. it’s a funny promotion. You think MLK didnt have a sense of humor?

  • Every MLK day I take my kids to the grocerystore, and we buy orange popsicles with the ice cream in them. We sit and reflect. He had a dreeam, we have our dreamsicles.

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  • Christina

    WHAT! Are you kidding me? This is beyond wrong, disgraceful and disgusting. Someone really needs to speak with this owner and set him / her straight!

  • Kathy Smart

    This is so wrong. Every occasion is not one to sell:( so disrespectful.

  • Andrea

    Wow! There is an apology up on their Facebook page today. I scrolled way down and found they had the same sale last year. It’s a matter of cultural sensitivity. Perhaps they should consult with a specialist of some sort to be able to word it better.

  • Guest

    This gif says it all.

  • Can’t seem to embed a gif here, but this one is appropriate.

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  • Xian

    I get it, they’re trying to be clever… but why can’t they just be human?

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  • Rick Sheffar

    Thanks Scott. You have no idea (bet you do) how enraged I became every time i.heard a “black friday” commercial here at home in Ontario. Exactly the same reason. Really looking forward to all the Cinco de Mayo sales.

  • James

    Let’s look on the bright side. At least all black items aren’t three-fifths the regular price?

  • Alex Feigenbaum

    This could not be more cringe-worthy. These days it is so
    easy to get feedback from so many different people – why do people not run these things by more people? How many people had to say “yes, this is a good idea” for this to happen? This company should be ashamed.

    Alex Feigenbaum, Tulane

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