Stop Marketing.

Start Engaging.

Brands Need To Stop This. Now.

On this historic day, 50 years ago, one of the greatest speeches in history was given. “I Have A Dream” by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr was spoken. It gave me chills when I heard it for the first time when I was 8, and it still does today.

So why not celebrate this historic day, by making it about golf?!

Shame on the Golf Channel. I cannot fathom someone sitting around a desk saying “I know how we can go viral!! Let’s newsjack! Tweet it up!”

Stop. Doing. This.

Stop trying to piggyback off holidays and celebrations by making it about you.

Stop trying to “go viral” or “trend”.

You know what a brand should do today? Nothing. Or show some respect and send out a tweet like “On this historic day 50 years ago, Martin Luther King Jr had a dream. Thank-you for changing the world.” Or whatever it is you want to say.

You don’t need to leverage this speech. You don’t need to leverage natural disasters. You don’t need to capitalize on civil unrest.

You need to be human. It’s not always about business.

(Special thanks to everyone that took screen shots and sent them to me)