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#195: Behind the Glass

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In today’s show, we look at life through the eyes of Wayne, our man behind the glass. We look at why older people are unhappy at work; what is a bro-dega, and does it come with a cat?; A football coach sued over a retweet; Denny’s brings out the check a little too early; a runner in Oregon is wiped out by an offer from Charmin; and we talk about just what, exactly is the proper response to SPAM. All this and so much more.

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Don’t Stick It In Their Mouth – How to ReTweet

ReTweeting (or a RT as you see on Twitter) is repeating what someone else tweeted on Twitter. It’s a great way to spread the word about someone and shows you liked what they tweeted.

But what about if you want to add your own few characters to the original tweet?

I’m about to show you why comments before the RT is the only way to go, but before you do, don’t get your Snuggie in a bunch. Spare me about how Twitter has “NO RULES” or “Who the hell are you to say what I should do??”. I’m Scott, nice to meet you. I’m not saying you have to do it this way, it’s just my opinion, and since this is my blog there is a rule, and that is: I rule here. 😉

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