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Redefining Junk Mail: Porn and Peloton (Not Safe For Work or Our Kitchen)

Listen to the UnPodcast episode that walks through the saga: Ep 292: Parental Advisory

We all love getting mail. Maybe it’s the anticipation. Who knows what could be in there? Sure, they’re mostly bills, Real Estate flyers and grocery store coupons… but every once in a while you find a handwritten thank you note, a birthday wish or even a cheque. At our house, the mail is delivered to a community box down the street, and collecting it is the one errand no one ever complains about.

So when Alison arrived home to find the mail piled on the kitchen counter, she wasn’t surprised one of the kids had gone and grabbed it, leaving it to be sorted out. When they were little, the junk mail had been “kids mail” eagerly opened to oohs and aahs and promises to order the 2 for 1 pizza (with coupon) for dinner, one of her favourite ways to keep little ones busy for a few minutes of hands-free peace.

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