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#195: Behind the Glass

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In today’s show, we look at life through the eyes of Wayne, our man behind the glass. We look at why older people are unhappy at work; what is a bro-dega, and does it come with a cat?; A football coach sued over a retweet; Denny’s brings out the check a little too early; a runner in Oregon is wiped out by an offer from Charmin; and we talk about just what, exactly is the proper response to SPAM. All this and so much more.

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When Is It Ok To Sue For A Bad Online Review?

As an author, when I read a bad review online, it stings. As I’m sure for most businesses, criticism about something you put your heart into has to sting. But when does it go to far?

There have been many examples of people getting sued for bad reviews on sites like Yelp, TripAdvisor and others. Then there are the ridiculous ones (Thanks Stephanie).

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