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257: A Pretend Episode

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In today’s episode, we’re pretending… you know, because everyone else is. We talk about Popeye’s pretend emotional support chickens; Delta Bans support animals; Un-Sneakers might look a LOT like us, but they aren’t; Influencers on Instagram have pretend sponsorships; YoTube makes a pretend 2018 Rewind Video that does NOT go well. All this and more!

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#002: Why You Shouldn’t Leverage Disasters on Social Media

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In this episode of the UnPodcast, we talked about double standards, guilt, and shaming in social media, and the right way for charities to use social media to support their cause.

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Avoid The Cleanse: How To Keep Your Subscribers

If you don't know what this is, I'm not explaining it.I’ve been cleansing for the past week. Not one of “those” cleanses that your friends post about on Facebook that makes you cringe, but an inbox cleanse. I’m trying to clear my inbox and stay on top of it. I was at 1800+ a few days ago (emails that needed attention) to 140 now. One of the things I’ve been doing is unsubscribing from almost every newsletter I’ve been on. Only a select few have survived from the dozens, if not 100+ I was on. Why did they stay? Recognized, Relevance, Relationship.

I recognized the sender and remember signing up in the first place.

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The 5 Ways You Stink At LinkedIn

Ah LinkedIn. The Granpappy of “Social Media”.

So much potential, yet so much stink. The fans and fanatics shout about how great it is since it’s only for “business people” and you don’t get all the junk that is on the other social sites. The problem is LinkedIn isn’t even a social media site. It’s a digital Rolodex pretending to be social. As a way to connect with the very people you hated at your last job it’s perfect. I’m actually one of their original members and have more contacts than an octopus with 10,000 biz cards (only to make up for my lack of popularity in high-school) but I go there less and less now.

I actually do see the potential of it, especially for job-seekers and employers looking to hire. If I was still in HR (which I left when I realized I hated people) it would be the perfect recruitment research tool.

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Social Media Success for Non-Profits – Video

Ever since I graduated college and started my very short career of working for someone else at Goodwill Toronto, I’ve always had a soft spot for non-profit and charity.

Yesterday I spoke at Digital Leap, a “Digital Conference for Non-Profit Marketers and Fundraisers” where I talked about Social Media Success for Non-Profit. The entire session is below. I’ve also created an iPod/iPhone version for those that would like to watch it on the go.

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Frequently Futile – How Often Should You Blog?

Busy at SXSWi, not blogging

Forgive me bloggers, for I have sinned. It’s been 6 weeks since my last post and I feel guilty about it.

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Mannequin Networking – Why Twitter Automation Is Bad

The best way I can explain Twitter to new folks is to say it’s like going to a networking event, but it runs 24/7 and you don’t have to leave home. It’s a great way to get to know new colleagues, clients and friends. Recently I’ve been having a lot of “debates” with other Twitter folk about automation. There are a bunch of different automation options using 3rd party sites, this post will focus on one strategy: sending absent tweets (tweeting something when you’re not actually around.) I’ve heard many reasons why people say you should do this:

1. It allows you to reach people in other time zones

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Aiming Your Company at the Bottom of the Barrel

I remember 25 years ago I loved leafing through three big books: Encyclopedia Britannica, The Big Book of Amazing Facts and the Yellow Pages. Maybe it was my lack of friends in grade 3, avoidance of people commenting on my bulbous head, or just a general interest in things that made me want to go through them, but I would sit there for hours.

Long hair can help hide a huge cranial circumference

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Saran Wrap Series – My Transparency on Twitter

Welcome to a new mini-blog series that revolve around transparency in your market/sales called “Saran Wrap Series”. Understand that Saran Wrap has nothing to do with this post, or me, I just saw it in the kitchen while writing and realized it’s transparent and it sounded catchy (see what I did there, I was transparent about the blog series title. I’m cool like dat)


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TwitterTown: How To Engage A Local Market

“Well Twitter is good for you Scott, your market can be anywhere in the world.”

And so it begins. Another reason why a business claims it doesn’t need to engage their marketplace. For geographic based businesses it’s always brought up that they have no need to connect with someone in Toronto if they run a pizza place in Dallas. Fair enough (although connecting on a large scale has many benefits, but that’s a rant post for another day.)

If your business is “local” there are a few things you can do to help focus your Twitter efforts:

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