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#209: Fake Hairs and Faker Restaurants

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In this episode of the UnPodcast, we’re finally getting used to 2018! We talk about Scott’s Expert-level gift-giving abilities; how a fake hair increased ad revenue on Instagram; Alison wonders why we have two different reactions when two different companies do, essentially, the same thing; and a daring attempt to make a restaurant that didn’t even exist the top-rated restaurant in London. All this, with a made-up word and more!

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How to lose friends and tick off people on FaceBook

An open letter to all my friends in the social media consultant/guru game,

Please stop.

You’re steering people the wrong way.

You sell yourself as social media consultants, the ones that can show you the way and then fark it up.

I beg of you to stop.

Go back to teaching Internet marketing from the old days, I could at least ignore you then. I talk to you at conferences, share the stage but I can’t listen to you up there any longer spewing “tips” that hurt people and their relationships.

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Swiss Chalet Rudolph, You Creep Me Out

I don’t write this post as a marketer (or UnMarketer).

I don’t own an ad agency and have no idea about the process, the struggle and constraints there are in putting together a national ad campaign.

But I am a customer and have been dining at Swiss Chalet for 30ish years. (For those that don’t know Swiss Chalet it’s a Canadian chain of yummy chicken places, where you typically take old folks for their birthday, holidays etc.. and by old folks, I now include me.)

I recently saw the “Rudolph Swiss Chalet” commercial that turned me off so much from the place that I’ve dined at countless times it actually turns me off the brand entirely (even though I’m hooked on their quarter-chicken dinner, fries and chalet sauce)

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