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The New UnNormal

At UnMarketing, we speak, podcast, and write books about business in the age of disruption. We’ve been doing this stuff for a while, but not until recently has disruption so personally affected our business as it has with COVID. So much change – working from home, live events cancelled, five kids (adults and teens) living and studying from home with us, health concerns, caring for ageing parents – has meant that we needed to think about our business differently. We’re building new things, and it’s exciting to reshape how we work and how we’ll continue to move UnMarketing into the future. 


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219: Real-Time Podcasting

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In this episode – recorded exactly one week later than Episode 218, we promise – Scott is still in pain and Alison was absolutely right about the totally made-up word: bush league. Also in this episode we talk about a very personal American Airlines story with two sides; the advent of thrift-store fashion; why there won’t be as much knocking on doors in Ontario; the Flamin’ Hot story of Richard Montañez; and the possible dark side of Vero. All this, a made-up word and so much more!

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