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Redefining Junk Mail: Porn and Peloton (Not Safe For Work or Our Kitchen)

Listen to the UnPodcast episode that walks through the saga: Ep 292: Parental Advisory

We all love getting mail. Maybe it’s the anticipation. Who knows what could be in there? Sure, they’re mostly bills, Real Estate flyers and grocery store coupons… but every once in a while you find a handwritten thank you note, a birthday wish or even a cheque. At our house, the mail is delivered to a community box down the street, and collecting it is the one errand no one ever complains about.

So when Alison arrived home to find the mail piled on the kitchen counter, she wasn’t surprised one of the kids had gone and grabbed it, leaving it to be sorted out. When they were little, the junk mail had been “kids mail” eagerly opened to oohs and aahs and promises to order the 2 for 1 pizza (with coupon) for dinner, one of her favourite ways to keep little ones busy for a few minutes of hands-free peace.

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The Vanity of Going Viral On Facebook

A few months ago, I went viral. It was all my ego could hope for and more. Tens of millions of views of me on stage. What else could a keynote speaker ask for?

Metrics that matter, that’s what.

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How One Small Change Got Our Video 13,000,000 More Views On Facebook

Content that resonates is key, there is no argument. I’ve always said just make great content, and you’ll get the views/likes/subscribers you were hoping for.

In the content world today, that’s not entirely true. Content is still key, but realizing the content context is also huge. Where people are consuming it, why they think they should and how they were referred to it plays a huge part. We have the UnScientific proof.

Last year, we shared a clip of my “Millennial Rant” on the UnMarketing Facebook page. One of the things about this new video landscape on Facebook is that 85% of videos are watched with the sound off so we also added closed-captioning, so people could see what I was yelling on stage.

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#053: Before You Send that Tweet. . .

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On this episode of the UnPodcast, we talked about the whole new world of digital boundaries, and how we’re happy that social media wasn’t around when we were growing up.

We also discussed how brands should handle both negative and positive feedback on media, and what you should do before you send that tweet (or email) that you may regret.

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For Whom The Bell Mobility Tolls: Employee 5-Star App Reviews


The Canadian Competition Bureau announced that, among other things, Bell Canada will be fined $1.25 million for encouraging employees to leave reviews of their app. Also,  “Bell has indicated that it will sponsor and host a workshop to promote, discuss and enhance Canadians’ trust in the digital economy, including the integrity of online reviews.”

No word on if they will ask us to run the workshop 🙂 Now we wait for our next Bell bill, which may include an extra million dollar up charge.

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Brands Need To Stop This. Now.

On this historic day, 50 years ago, one of the greatest speeches in history was given. “I Have A Dream” by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr was spoken. It gave me chills when I heard it for the first time when I was 8, and it still does today.

So why not celebrate this historic day, by making it about golf?!

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Why Tweets About Obese Doctors Are Never Your Own


“All tweets are my own.”

That’s the most dangerous thing you could ever say in social media. I see it in social bio’s all the time. Heck, a lot of companies make it a policy that if you’re going to be on social media, you must use a disclaimer so that everybody knows whatever you say is not official word from “the” corporation. Like, you taking a pic of your chicken noodle soup isn’t endorsed by Acme Corp.

“All tweets are my own and not a reflection of my employer.”

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Brand Endearment: Return The High-Five

I live on the road, in hotels and airports.  While some people keep suitcases at the back of their closets, I live out of mine.

So when I read about the Genius Pack on I was excited to try it out!  I trusted the site, and the suitcase was exactly what I’d been looking for.  I ordered one that day.

The case arrived quickly and had all the compartments and fancy add-ons I had hoped for (better pockets, phone charger built in, dirty laundry compartment).  I was a happy customer and decided to tweet about it.

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The Farce That Is Google+ (Updated)

(This post originally pointed to a survey about Google+ having more than 300+ million active users and mistakenly, in a blind fit of Google+ rage assumed it was a Google+ study. That was a dumb call by me that clouded the main intent of the post. Those responsible have been sacked. Shout out to Sam Fiorella that got the brunt of the attack. Those responsible for the sacking have also been sacked.)

Right when it was launched, I was told I “HAVE TO” get on Google+

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Check Your Facts Before You Shell Out Info

Social media is an amplifier. The little mix-ups and mistakes we all make in life are just part of being human, and usually we do them quietly. But when we fark up online, people are listening. Our mistakes can get a whole lot louder, which is why checking our facts before we share information online is really important. Before you fuss with your spelling and your grammar and before you click Update, Post, or Send, please make sure what you are sharing is valid. Or at the very least include in the comment that you aren’t sure. So when you see on Twitter that Jon Bon Jovi is dead, maybe you will pause and think for a minute before you share.

Currently, people are sharing two things about Shell Oil that are hoaxes/parodies. One is the website that is made to look like a crowd-sourced ad-campaign gone wrong for shell:

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