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#218: Hurting Too Much For Coffee

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In this episode, Scott is in too much pain for coffee or pants. That doesn’t stop us from talking about the latest Facebook scandal; why Facebook use is on the decline; Kylie Jenner affects the stock market; Snapchat makes a HUGE mistake they would probably had rather not; William Legate automates anti-NRA DM messages to Amazon; Starbucks Pay Equity and other Seattle stories; and Scott goes Bush League. All this and peroshkis too!

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Other topics include:

  • [00:00:00.00]Intro
  • [00:00:27.11]Personal Pain
  • [00:03:03.03]Now That We’ve Culled the Audience
  • [00:07:34.20]The Facebook Scandal
  • [00:12:38.14]Facebook Gets the Stiffarm
  • [00:15:19.09]Oh, Snap, Kylie!
  • [00:18:19.23]Would You Rather NOT lose $800M
  • [00:25:21.05]William LeGate Tweet
  • [00:28:00.04]Starbucks Pay Equity
  • [00:32:01.12]And 180 Degrees the Other Way
  • [00:34:56.06]Why Alison Didn’t Uber
  • [00:37:32.08](Allegedly) Made-up Word: Bush League

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