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Start Engaging.

#208: It’s All Downhill From Here

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In this episode of the UnPodcast, we have a couple of great stories… to start with… then things take a turn. We talk about Chewy pet food doing customer service really right; Alison’s Endy mattress story; Facebook targeting ads that bait; the dangers of unsustainable restaurant delivery; Yelp’s got a stupid policy that hurts everybody; and a hotel that charges for negative reviews. All this and more!

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Other topics include:

  • [00:00:00.00]Intro
  • [00:00:27.23]A Frosty January
  • [00:01:02.11]Doggy Aaaaawwwwwws
  • [00:03:49.17]Endy Doing It Right
  • [00:08:22.15]No Facebaiting
  • [00:10:05.07]No Restaurant For The Lazy
  • [00:16:02.12]Don’t Yelp, Don’t Tell
  • [00:18:50.25]Negative Review? That’ll Be $350

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