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#207: A Bunch of [email protected]!

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In this episode of the UnPodcast, we have a bunch of people being really… well… crappy! We talk about Mario Batali issuing apologies and recipes; Apple finally admits what most people knew; and losing points and benefits just because. All this with a made-up word and a listener question!

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Other topics include:

  • [00:00:00.00]Intro
  • [00:00:28.01]Friendly Giant
  • [00:01:22.12]Episode Overview
  • [00:02:37.08]Apologies and Recipes
  • [00:05:55.08]That’s a Bad Apple
  • [00:11:56.21]Your Points Don’t Expire
  • [00:17:02.06]A Story About a Made-Up Word: Sharents/Sharenting
  • [00:28:42.19]Listener Question: I was asked to give a orientation for free. Then the hosts asked for my presentation, and asked me to edit my presentation for politically offensive stuff, then also asked me to remove my warm-up material, as it wasn’t exactly on topic. What advice do you have for a freebie speaker about being censored/edited?

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