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#195: Behind the Glass

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In today’s show, we look at life through the eyes of Wayne, our man behind the glass. We look at why older people are unhappy at work; what is a bro-dega, and does it come with a cat?; A football coach sued over a retweet; Denny’s brings out the check a little too early; a runner in Oregon is wiped out by an offer from Charmin; and we talk about just what, exactly is the proper response to SPAM. All this and so much more.

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Other topics include:

  • [00:00:00.00]Intro
  • [00:00:25.23]Man Down
  • [00:01:49.01]How Old Do You Have To Be To Hate Your Job
  • [00:09:46.08]Made-Up Word: Bro-dega
  • [00:11:06.25]Bro-Dega Explained
  • [00:17:20.23]Retweet Litigation
  • [00:20:58.28]Will Pay For Food
  • [00:23:24.27]Not-So-Charmin Popper
  • [00:27:35.10]Listener Comment: Scott, I’ve heard you speak and have followed your thought leadership initiatives for a while, but this “issue” really isn’t worth the time.

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