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#164: And the Winner Is…

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Emma, Official Sponsor of the UnPodcast

In today’s episode, we find out who you guys like more: Alison, the gentle voice of reason and kindness, or Scott… you know… Scott. Also, we talk about the exciting world of children’s pop music; the scary world of Breitbart and e-commerce; why you should never have to put quotes around the term “all-natural”; and the coke experiment you didn’t know you were part of. All this and possibly other things!

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Other topics include:

    • [00:00:00.00]Emma Sponsorship Mention
    • [00:00:31.14]Sidebar: It’s About Coffee
    • [00:01:18.10]Paying Through the Nose and Happy
    • [00:02:43.23]Sound Tech Stories
    • [00:08:10.00]Emma Sponsorship Mention
    • [00:08:57.11]Who Won the Contest?
    • [00:09:35.28]Speaking of Scary: KidzBop
    • [00:14:09.08]Shopify, Breitbart, and Morals
    • [00:23:53.02]Emma Sponsorship Mention
    • [00:24:51.20]”All-Natural”
    • [00:28:37.12]An Experiment You Didn’t Even Know You Were a Part Of
    • [00:30:54.17]Made-Up Word of the Week: Chizza
    • [00:33:24.17]Listener Question: What Are Good Questions to Ask a Speaker When Assessing Keynote Options?

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