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#129: A Legal Episode

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Emma, Official Sponsor of the UnPodcast

In this episode of the UnPodcast, we discuss some legal stories, dole out some unsolicited advice (that we won’t even charge you for).

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Other topics include:

  • [00:00:00.00]Emma Sponsorship Mention
  • [00:00:32.28]Episode Overview
  • [00:01:53.25]Emma Sponsorship Mention
  • [00:02:30.02]Don’t Brag About Your Crimes
  • [00:07:01.03]Scott’s Mixtape is Criminal
  • [00:07:51.29]Outright Theft Is the New Flattery
  • [00:13:15.07]Emma Sponsorship Mention
  • [00:13:38.10]Hack the Ad Campaign Process
  • [00:20:48.28]Our Made Up Word of the Week
  • [00:24:13.10]Making Money Off Your Copyrighted Content
  • [00:30:14.07]Listener Question: What is the best advice you have for new grads entering the marketing and design fields.
  • [00:34:55.19]Emma Sponsorship Mention
  • And so much more…

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