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#121: This Episode is Super Sciencey

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Emma, Official Sponsor of the UnPodcast

In this episode of the UnPodcast, we talk about companies using technology: from Starbucks giving unsold food to help local food kitchens, the tantalizing prospect of one-click cancellation of cable or internet service, to using science to identify drunk tweets (for some reason), and “Moneyball” style analytics for book publishers.

Other topics include:

  • [00:00:00.00]Emma Sponsorship Mention
  • [00:00:32.12]Generic Cola
  • [00:03:28.06]Episode Overview
  • [00:04:09.09]Emma Sponsorship Mention
  • [00:04:32.08]Starbucks (Our Unofficial Sponsor) Is Helping Food Kitchens
  • [00:06:50.15]Raining On the Parade
  • [00:07:58.13]One-Click Cancellation with Comcast
  • [00:12:39.21]Emma Sponsorship Mention
  • [00:13:09.28]Drunk-Tweets Are Fascinating
  • [00:18:40.26]Proof We’re Old: Guns ‘N Roses
  • [00:21:14.06]Emma Sponsorship Mention
  • [00:21:23.27]Nashville Hits the Sauce
  • [00:22:31.13]Moneyball for Book Publishers
  • And so much more…

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