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#89: The Most Positive Episode Ever

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On this episode of the UnPodcast, we cover stories that made us feel good; Thai Lee and SHI’s great customer service, Home Depot’s favorite dog, and how a mailman changed a young boy’s life.

Other topics include:

[00:00:33.24]Scott Knows How to Intimidate the Viewers
[00:01:26.08]No Extra Charge for the Gun Show
[00:01:49.18]It’s Happy Happy Time
[00:02:35.05]Scott’s SHI International Story
[00:10:32.16]Publix and the Importance of Listening
[00:13:30.17]How Home Depot Got a Customer for Life
[00:22:45.07]Boy Asks Mailman for Junk Mail
[00:27:05.24]Scott’s love for people is rekindled

  • And so much more. . .

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Items mentioned in this episode

The Modest Tycoon Behind America’s Biggest Woman-Owned Business
Home Depot Wins a Customer for Life
Boy Who Couldn’t Afford Books Asks Mailman For Junk Mail To Read; Mailman Responds Spectacularly