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#86: The Hierarchy of Buying

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On this episode of the UnPodcast, we discuss the importance of referrals, replying quickly to customers, and why you should be honest when you’re lying to your customers.

Other topics include:

  • [00:00:32.20]Scott’s Slouching Problem
  • [00:01:10.07]A Grandparent’s Job
  • [00:02:27.08]CNN has Filler Too
  • [00:02:57.25]We Moved Into the House
  • [00:04:02.00]A List of the Professionals We Used
  • [00:08:47.26]The Hierarchy of Buying
  • [00:09:49.25]HomeStars – A “Yelp” for Professionals
  • [00:10:32.08]The Importance of a Quick Reply
  • [00:13:52.19]The Importance of Email Records
  • [00:17:18.04]Car Dealerships and Customer Surveys
  • [00:21:19.02]How to Fix the Problem
  • [00:23:53.29]Example: World Class Driving in Vegas
  • [00:27:31.12]Frontier Airlines Ditches 800 Number Service
  • And so much more. . .

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Items mentioned in this episode

  1. Duct Cleaning: Atlas Homecare
  2. Realtor: Petrus Engelbrecht
  3. Movers: Burloak Movers
  4. Accountant: Tim Miron, Beckett Lowden Read, LLP
  5. Mortgage broker: Harrison White, HW Advantage- Agent of Loewen Group Mortgages
  6. HomeStars
  7. Car Dealerships still don’t understand how customer surveys should work.
  8. World Class Driving in Las Vegas
  9. Frontier Airlines