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#074: Hiring, Firing and All the Good Things that Happen in Between (Part 2)

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On this episode of the UnPodcast we talked about a company where 279 out of 280 workers quit over the last year, a lesson that the social media manager of the Houston Rockets learned the hard way, and what FHRITP means and why you should never say it.

We also discussed whether or not a company has the right to track their employees even in their off time, as well as what makes something offensive.

Other topics include:

  • [00:00:39.21] The challenge of wearing headphones and glasses at the same time
  • [00:01:23.11] Alison’s evil plan to get her family members to eat dog cookies
  • [00:04:24.19] How to get a private, secret, unreleased, live version of the UnPodcast that was recorded at the Emma, Marketing United Conference
  • [00:04:58.22] How to make 99.9% of your employees quit and make it sound like it’s all their fault
  • [00:07:20.08] What every single generation says about other generations
  • [00:08:04.13] The one guy who didn’t quit
  • [00:08:57.08] Poor managers vs. poor workers
  • [00:10:02.04] How one person can change the environment of an entire company
  • [00:12:01.29] Maybe, just maybe, it’s also your fault
  • [00:12:37.02] The whole “blame others” movement
  • [00:13:04.10] What Scott would do if he was in HR and 279 out of 280 people quit
  • [00:13:24.09] Back in my day. . .
  • [00:14:12.13] The downside of getting an iPhone from your employer
  • [00:15:49.06] Bad reasons for tracking employees while they’re at work
  • [00:17:00.26] When tracking employees crosses the line
  • [00:17:56.12] The difference between ethical and legal
  • [00:19:18.14] How to set expectations about resources provided to employees
  • [00:19:54.08] Now THIS is totally inappropriate
  • [00:20:44.13] The importance of context
  • [00:21:09.16] The most important thing about social
  • [00:21:23.27] You can’t avoid offending everyone, BUT. . .
  • [00:22:44.29] A perfect example of how just because something doesn’t offend you doesn’t mean that it’s not offensive
  • [00:23:11.28] How Scott picks the stories to talk about on the UnPodcast
  • [00:23:24.16] Why things aren’t fantastic at Yahoo at the moment
  • [00:23:55.16] When you shouldn’t use the term, “remix”
  • [00:26:14.04] The acronym that should never have been and should go away
  • [00:28:43.16] An issue female reporters have been grappling with since last summer
  • [00:29:12.06] What embarrasses Scott
  • [00:29:54.08] You should be charged for sexual harassment if you do this
  • [00:30:55.29] One of the worst things you can do during a live feed
  • And so much more. . .


Items mentioned in this episode
Trail King hired 280 workers last year and one remains
Ex-employee: CEO made Trail King ‘miserable to work’
Worker fired for disabling GPS app that tracked her 24 hours a day
Yahoo Called Its Layoffs a ‘Remix.’ Don’t Do That.
The Houston Rockets fired a social media manager for sending a dumb, but harmless emoji tweet

Episode 74 Houston Rockets Tweet

Hydro One employee fired after FHRITP heckling of CityNews reporter Shauna Hunt

Video provided by: AtomicSpark
Audio recorded by: Wayne Cochrane Sound