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#073: Hiring, Firing and all the Good Things that Happen in Between (Part 1)

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On this episode of the UnPodcast, we talked about some of Scott’s early experiences in HR, and why it’s a bad idea to conduct job interviews in hotel rooms. We also discussed dumb moves by job seekers and how social media posts can keep you from getting hired.

We also shared some creative ideas for getting your resume to the top of the pile, and a pending LinkedIn patent that will make you wish you didn’t lie on your resume.

Other topics include:

  • [00:01:55.13] Made up comments on radio shows
  • [00:02:36.09] The best part of Wayne coming in through the headphones
  • [00:02:55.06] Scott’s background
  • [00:03:21.03] The time Scott held interviews in a motel room
  • [00:05:50.16] Even if you’ve done some bad business practices in your life, if you’ve never done this, you’re still one step above Scott
  • [00:06:28.15] If Scott were an animal, this is what he would be
  • [00:07:01.28] Weird interview questions
  • [00:07:33.11] The moral of life
  • [00:07:56.19] How to get your resume to the top of the pile
  • [00:09:17.01] An example of a creative way to get a job
  • [00:10:41.28] When you just want a job
  • [00:11:18.26] What removes the passion for work
  • [00:11:41.03] How to show initiative when looking for a job
  • [00:12:11.15] What to do if you’re going into a job that asks for creativity
  • [00:12:25.03] How to increase the odds of being called in for an interview
  • [00:13:41.15] How posting a question on Quora backfired for one job searcher
  • [00:17:05.27] The type of person you don’t want wandering your halls
  • [00:18:42.26] How to behave when you’re not quite at your dream job
  • [00:19:10.03] What happens if people lie on a resume
  • [00:20:38.27] The worst place to lie
  • [00:21:33.27] How to know if your employees are planning to quit
  • [00:23:37.12] Scott is a master at this
  • [00:24:02.22] Alison’s advice about lying on resumes
  • [00:25:16.11] Don’t do these things in public or you may be fired
  • And so much more. . .


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Twentysomething Fired Before Her 1st Day at Work for a Single Facebook Post

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Audio recorded by: Wayne Cochrane Sound