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#072: Make it Easy

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Emma, Official Sponsor of the UnPodcast

On this episode of the UnPodcast, we talked about the importance of making things easy if you want people to leave you feedback or sign up. We also shared the story of how a box of donuts led to a big real estate commission, and how one Ejuice company blew Scott’s mind. 

Other topics include:

  • [00:02:42.06] Our Nashville trip
  • [00:03:13.21] What Scott likes naked
  • [00:04:03.17] A great excuse to eat mac ‘n cheese as often as you want
  • [00:05:34.22] What made the Emma Marketing United conference great
  • [00:06:30.05] Why I agreed to speak at the Authority Rainmaker conference
  • [00:07:12.20] How to really make a difference in the lives of your fans
  • [00:07:49.04] The greatest line I’ve ever heard in my life
  • [00:08:28.28] One of the best put together talks I’ve ever heard
  • [00:09:39.22] A rare, nice email we received
  • [00:11:31.21] Nothing makes Scott angrier than this
  • [00:12:50.14] The one thing I said that really resonated with people
  • [00:13:45.22] What keeps customers from giving feedback
  • [00:14:13.01] Alison’s reaction to an unexpected package
  • [00:15:43.23] Giving feedback doesn’t get any easier than this
  • [00:17:03.22] What kept Scott up at night
  • [00:18:37.21] Email marketing funnels, and why they matter
  • [00:19:13.20] A company that got me in their funnel and then dropped the ball
  • [00:19:51.06] Something Scott tells everyone about Alison (Is it true?!)
  • [00:21:22.11] Don’t make it hard for people to do this
  • [00:21:48.05] How to piss off a Canadian
  • [00:22:34.14] How to drastically reduce email signups
  • [00:23:13.24] How a funnel is like dating
  • [00:24:14.25] What Alison does instead of subscribing to email lists
  • [00:25:01.12] An update about our new home and what made us choose our realtor
  • [00:27:11.22] It takes more than donuts to sell a house
  • [00:29:15.28] The basis of Unmarketing, from day one
  • [00:30:27.24] Why you have to do things for yourself
  • [00:30:54.28] The biggest learning experience Scott had when buying a home
  • And so much more. . .

 Never make it difficult for people to give you money, information or feedback. [Tweet This

Items mentioned in this episode

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Henry Rollins
Authority Rainmaker conference
Steeped Monkey Brains
UnPodcast #43
The Vegas 30 podcast
Sotheby’s International Real Estate
Petrus Engelbrecht Homes


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Audio recorded by: Wayne Cochrane Sound