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#067: Social Marketing for Colleges and Universities

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On this episode of the UnPodcast we told the story of a college principal that responded in an unexpected way to a tweet by one of his students and the positive effect his tweet had on the entire community.

We also discussed an inappropriate tweet by a tenured professor, and the four steps of Internet backtracking he demonstrated after the tweet.

Other topics include:

  • [00:00:34.27] What we always do before the show
  • [00:02:19.21] How Scott felt about school
  • [00:03:10.17] What parents make up to set a good example
  • [00:03:45.08] UnMarketing as a texbook
  • [00:04:21.14] An unexpected reply to a tweet
  • [00:07:06.29] What real time marketing is all about
  • [00:07:59.17] One thing social helps
  • [00:08:05.08] A perfect example of leadership
  • [00:09:09.10] When you don’t need to push the message out
  • [00:10:00.00] The benefits of making the right choices
  • [00:10:23.18] One of my favorite stories of UnSelling
  • [00:10:50.22] What it looks like when a light bulb pops up on someone’s head
  • [00:11:29.02] One of Alison’s favorite tweets of all time
  • [00:13:04.25] Step one of Internet backtracking
  • [00:14:18.06] Step two of Internet backtracking
  • [00:15:18.05] Step three of Internet backtracking
  • [00:15:21.07] Step four of Internet backtracking
  • [00:16:39.20] What impacts a brand
  • [00:16:56.29] What in your brain causes you to tweet something stupid
  • [00:17:26.02] The biggest offense there is
  • [00:17:42.15] Scott’s theory about offensive tweets
  • [00:17:54.09] Why a lot of hate is shared online
  • [00:18:16.20] Why private messages aren’t private
  • [00:18:48.16] Split personalities
  • [00:19:10.00] Teens and social media
  • [00:20:47.04] Who sets the tone for communication at schools
  • [00:21:38.05] One of Alison’s jobs in life
  • [00:23:45.09] The fundamental problem
  • [00:24:54.21] Should teachers friend students on social media?
  • [00:26:28.02] Why teachers should be held to a higher standard
  • [00:26:55.16] Scott’s rule of thumb regarding friending students on social media
  • And so much more. . .


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Items mentioned in this episode

12 Apps For Smarter Teacher-Parent Communication
Remind: Safe Classroom Communication
Video provided by: AtomicSpark
Audio recorded by: Wayne Cochrane Sound