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#066: We Bought the Car. Here’s Why

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Emma, Official Sponsor of the UnPodcast

On this episode of the UnPodcast, we started off with a feel-good story that illustrates what community is supposed to be, and why you shouldn’t give up on social.

We also discussed our recent experience with buying a car, and why we chose to purchase from the dealership we did, even though it wasn’t the most convenient.

Other topics include:

  • [00:00:53.04] One of the advantages of getting a sponsor
  • [00:04:23.27] #OdinBirthday
  • [00:07:58.28] Why we love social media
  • [00:08:30.21] The flip side of bullying
  • [00:09:11.23] One of the best things about kindness
  • [00:09:49.17] What community is supposed to be
  • [00:11:22.03] Why you shouldn’t give up on social
  • [00:12:41.10] What Alison puts over everything else
  • [00:13:50.27] So, we bought a car. . .
  • [00:14:18.17] Honk if you love soccer moms
  • [00:15:43.16] How shopping for cars (and everything else) has changed
  • [00:17:19.03] How to tell whether or not you’ll get good service from a company
  • [00:18:16.02] What the world of car sales is all about
  • [00:18:57.02] The one job of businesses
  • [00:18:59.25] What businesses should do if someone emails them
  • [00:20:34.14] An example of when automation works
  • [00:21:17.03] A great way to use video
  • [00:22:11.29] How to differentiate yourself in the automotive business
  • [00:22:22.21] Treating customers like disruptions
  • [00:23:15.04] How digital has changed how we shop
  • [00:24:06.05] The better you are at service and communication, the farther people are willing to go
  • [00:24:29.21] Our negative difference maker
  • [00:25:21.25] The meaning of the word, “service”
  • [00:28:43.15] How car dealerships can make people customers for life
  • [00:29:34.23] The connection between sales of cars and maintenance
  • [00:29:38.03] How to avoid having to do the cheesy sales guy thing
  • [00:30:22.07] The experience gap
  • [00:31:26.02] The problem with automated review requests
  • And so much more. . .


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