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#065: When it’s Right to Name and Shame People

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On this episode of the UnPodcast, we discussed LEGO’s bad move on offering beauty tips for young girls, and the backlash they experienced as a result. We also chatted about what Twitter sucks at, and why at one time, even Scott left Twitter.

Other topics include:

  • [00:01:41.25] Who’s your Batman?. . . and what it reveals about you
  • [00:06:33.19] Beauty tips for girls from Lego
  • [00:10:20.10] What Lego has gotten away from
  • [00:11:40.09] What really disgusts Alison
  • [00:12:46.14] Whether or not to boycott Lego
  • [00:14:23.00] Speaking of fundamentally wrong. . .
  • [00:14:41.00] Ashley Judd presses charges over abusive tweets
  • [00:17:59.03] Should these people be fired?
  • [00:19:51.15] Something that ruins social media for people
  • [00:20:30.15] When Scott left Twitter and why
  • [00:20:55.16] Twitter admits that they suck at this
  • [00:21:40.10] The difference between a troll and a hater
  • [00:22:34.21] Fake Twitter accounts
  • [00:24:01.04] Curt Shilling’s rant
  • [00:29:37.01] Keyboard commandos
  • And so much more. . .

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    Items mentioned in this episode


    Beauty Tips for Girls, From Lego

    Ashley Judd Pressing Charges Over Abusive Tweets

    The world we live in…Man has it changed.

    Video provided by: AtomicSpark
    Audio recorded by: Wayne Cochrane Sound