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#062: The Convergence of Kids, Parenting and Business

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On this episode of the UnPodcast we talked about a mistake that Quaker Oats made that caused quite a stir, and insulted a number of people, including parents of children with allergies.

We also discussed the importance of websites being mobile optimized, and what businesses often focus on instead, to their detriment.

Other topics include:

  • [00:01:01.24] Two things that Scott has learned on the Internet
  • [00:02:01.08] What Scott loves
  • [00:05:15.09] How Quaker Oats blew it
  • [00:08:06.07] One segment of kids that are discriminated against
  • [00:08:44.24] When an apology isn’t really an apology
  • [00:10:43.22] Why not to do funny
  • [00:11:46.11] A real turn for BuzzFeed
  • [00:12:23.28] Why scripted hipness doesn’t work
  • [00:15:19.27] The problem with data
  • [00:18:54.16] The only content app that Scott has on his phone
  • [00:20:09.00] The only thing worse than most company websites
  • [00:21:49.26] What’s more important than having an app
  • [00:23:34.06] One of the biggest problems in the ad-driven mobile world
  • [00:25:50.05] What mobile is and isn’t
  • [00:27:16.18] What to do if your site isn’t mobile friendly
  • And so much more. . .

    Mobile isn’t a niche of business, mobile IS business. [Tweet This]

    Items mentioned in this episode

  • BuzzFeed
  • Quaker apology on Facebook
  • Half of Canadians used smartphones last year (Report)
  • CNet apps
  • Is your site mobile-friendly? Now your SEO depends on it!
    Video provided by: AtomicSpark
    Audio recorded by: Wayne Cochrane Sound