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061: What’s Old in Social Media is New Again, and What’s New is Terribly Old

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On this episode of the UnPodcast, we talked about tactics and promises that were used in the past by social media platforms being used again. We also discussed the issue of the expectation that creatives, such as writers, speakers, and graphic designers should be willing to work for free just to gain exposure, and when it is, and is not acceptable to work for free.


Other topics include:

  • [00:01:02.23] THIS is very popular on the UnPodcast
  • [00:02:00.02] Ello — The Wait is Over! (Aren’t you excited?!)
  • [00:05:57.16] How everyone wanting to be first impacts marketing
  • [00:06:49.16] Twitter’s ranking in SEO and Google
  • [00:07:05.18] What makes a new social media site worth joining
  • [00:07:27.19] Why false scarcity is a dumb idea on social media sites
  • [00:09:01.09] How people in marketing industries profit
  • [00:09:24.23] How social media platforms grow
  • [00:09:49.01] The new MySpace and who it’s good for
  • [00:16:41.11] An email inviting Scott to write an article, and his response to it
  • [00:18:41.24] When you should or should not be paid for articles you write for other sites
  • [00:19:40.14] Alison’s first clue that someone was off their rocker
  • [00:21:30.11] Different price points for information
  • [00:22:25.15] Unrealistic expectations from conference organizers
  • [00:25:15.17] You wouldn’t treat a plumber this way
  • [00:27:19.18] If you want our top tips for social media, do this
  • [00:27:58.11] When it’s okay to do something for free
  • [00:29:32.28] What makes us super angry
  • [00:35:30.24] What could make you one click away from being on the UnPodcast
  • And so much more. . .

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