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#59: Blog Comments, Trolls and Pizza Delivery Guys

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On this episode of the UnPodcast we talked about how some of the biggest blogs are turning off blog comments and why that may (or may not) be the best move. We also discussed an incident between a car dealership and a pizza delivery guy, and how the car dealership’s viral video backfired.

Other topics include:

[00:00:35.28] What Alison does in the first few minutes of the show (especially important for those who watch the video)
[00:01:59.26] The wrong (or right?) way to apologize
[00:04:54.23] How to keep your brand top of mind
[00:06:34.15] A good way to make someone relax
[00:07:11.27] The game Scott no longer plays with his friends, and why
[00:09:02.16] One of Scott’s favorite stories on the Internet
[00:12:51.12] Viral video gone bad
[00:13:52.16] How ignorant must you be to do THIS?
[00:14:19.03] One of the first stories we told on the UnPodcast
[00:14:44.02] The importance of having your employees’ back
[00:17:56.09] Whether or not you should turn off comments on your blog
[00:20:02.08] What changed Alison’s opinion on blog comments
[00:23:29.13] A really complicated conversation
[00:25:03.21] Why Chris Brogan and Brian Clark turned off comments
[00:28:36.25] What can impact the way that people write blog posts
[00:32:09.01] The good, bad and ugly of Reddit

  • And so much more. . .


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  • Commenting is a privilege that is often abused. [Tweet This]


Items mentioned in this episode

The image that spurred a lot of comments on Alison's post.

The image that spurred a lot of comments on Alison’s post.

Video provided by: AtomicSpark
Audio recorded by: Wayne Cochrane Sound