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#056: Influencer Ethics: Don’t Abuse the Power of Influence

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On this episode of the UnPodcast we discussed ethical considerations of influencer marketing. We told the story of a news anchor that crossed the line by using his position not just as an anchor, but as an editor to promote a company he had a vested interest in.

We also discussed a unique business and why people may use the business when they have something to hide.

Other topics include:

  • [00:01:46.11] Where we’re at our funniest
  • [00:02:08.26] Scott has issues (in case you didn’t know). Here’s one of his biggest ones
  • [00:11:54.14] The types of things you wouldn’t want to have delivered to your home
  • [00:14:25.24] What could cause us to get kicked off CBS
  • [00:15:02.16] After the last awkward topic, let’s talk about NYC
  • [00:16:02.12] The best way to get influencers to share about your product or service
  • [00:23:11.03] How to impress even long-term, happy customers
  • [00:25:40.06] The most important thing to consider when determining which influencers to reach out to
  • [00:27:39.01] Why Ty Francis is the greatest person ever
  • [00:30:16.14] How to handle disclosure when being compensated for sharing your opinion
  • [00:34:04.09] Toronto news anchor Leslie Roberts suspended
  • [00:41:05.22] Why it doesn’t work for news networks to provide sponsored stories
  • [00:42:20.22] Half the reason I started UnMarketing
  • [00:42:49.03] Why we fear the loss of investigative journalism
  • And so much more. . .

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