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#052: Shady Review Practices

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On this episode of the UnPodcast we talked about a hotel in Sweden that offers free hotel rooms (with a catch!) to those who have enough social media fans — and why that may not be a smart move for them.

We also talked about how one large company lost credibility when their employees left reviews about their new app, without disclosing that they work for the company. We got into how app developers can game the system to paint a rosy picture about their app, even if the app previously had bad reviews.

Other topics include:

  • [00:02:36.11] How to stay at a posh hotel for free
  • [00:06:34.11] Why offering a free hotel room to social media influencers can backfire
  • [00:07:46.11] Who has outranked Obama and Miley Cyrus on Klout
  • [00:09:58.14] Podcast sponsorships
  • [00:11:58.03] Sequential podcasts
  • [00:13:09.26] When I say, “For whom the Bell Tolls” what do you think of?
  • [00:14:09.08] Fake reviews by company employees
  • [00:20:29.18] How reviews float to the top
  • [00:21:40.29] A benefit of releasing a new version of an app
  • [00:24:59.23] The response we got from Bell regarding the post we wrote about them
  • [00:26:53.26] The primary drivers of the B2C (Business to Consumer) ecosystem
  • And so much more. . .


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Video provided by: AtomicSpark
Audio recorded by: Wayne Cochrane Sound