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#049: CBS’ Own, Alison Kramer

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On this episode of the UnPodcast, we talked about the new deal we (the UnPodcast) got with CBS, and how it came about, even though it’s not something we planned. Among other things, we talked about why we’re able to maintain creative control in this new partnership.

We also discussed the importance of doing work you love, and dug deep into who Alison Kramer is, and how she grew her business, Nummies Bras, while also being a mom to three young children.

Other topics include:

  • [00:00:53.28] The deal we signed with CBS
  • [00:03:11.10] Book and podcast deals, and speaking gigs
  • [00:03:51.09] The most important goals you can set
  • [00:04:53.27] Great advice from Cliff Ravenscraft, the Podcast Answer Man
  • [00:05:51.02] What you have to be careful of when you read advice from successful people
  • [00:06:52.15] Why we don’t consider this show to be work
  • [00:08:21.15] The reason we’re able to retain creative control after signing with CBS
  • [00:09:57.01] Lululemon, slammed again
  • [00:16:03.02] What Kim Kardashian was doing at a tech conference
  • [00:20:01.19] Why Scott hates Farmville and Candy Crush
  • [00:22:08.20] What some of you know, but a lot of you don’t, about the history of my lovely co-host, Alison Kramer
  • [00:24:20.26] A fairly common start for a lot of products
  • [00:27:40.13] What saved Alison when it comes to her business
  • [00:28:19.19] The controversial choice of outsourcing overseas
  • [00:30:52.17] What’s worth money on it’s own
  • [00:31:17.24] Alison’s first sales calls for Nummies Bras
  • [00:33:28.18] When cold calling is (or is not) OK
  • [00:35:29.20] Restrictions when selling internationally
  • [00:36:13.27] The high cost of importing
  • [00:37:00.09] What Alison would do differently in her business if she had to do it all over again
  • [00:37:55.29] What you need to think about when making a product
  • [00:41:50.04] One of things Alison is glad she didn’t do while growing her business
  • [00:44:19.18] What small companies need to do before getting their products into larger chains
  • And so much more. . .

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