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#044: Fake Testimonials and Other Ethical Business Issues

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On this episode of the UnPodcast, we talked about the issue of people working for slave wages, and how you get what you pay for on sites such as Fiverr.

We also discussed ethical issues surrounding practices such as paying for testimonials without disclosing that they are paid for, and how because of fake reviews, you have to take all reviews — whether positive or negative — with a grain of salt.

Other topics include:

  • [00:00:57.11] The best way to spend $5
  • [00:02:08.05] What you should do right before launching a book
  • [00:03:56.14] What makes me cringe every time it’s mentioned
  • [00:07:24.04] Scammy reviews and testimonials
  • [00:12:11.01] The over transparency commercial
  • [00:13:31.04] How people on Fiverr make more
  • [00:14:23.08] Who’s at fault when it comes to false testimonials
  • [00:16:23.12] If you’re going to be unethical, do this
  • [00:22:15.25] One thing Apple struggles with (a little bit)
  • [00:24:37.05] Our opinion of Apple’s U2 “gift”
  • [00:26:00.23] One of our least favorite sentences
    • And so much more. . .


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    Items mentioned in this episode

  • Fake Fiverr Testimonials
  • Who is U2?
  • Fiverr

    Video provided by: AtomicSpark
    Audio recorded by: Wayne Cochrane Sound