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#038: How to Provide Awesome Customer Service Without Being Creepy

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On this episode of the UnPodcast, we talked about a recent experience at a restaurant where the server went beyond being polite in a way that was just plain wrong. We also discussed how retail customers should be treated, the issue with data that is collected on customers, and whether or not customer surveys are effective.

Other topics include:

  • [00:02:59.18] If this is true of you, you should stop listening to this podcast
  • [00:04:34.08] What messed up Father’s Day
  • [00:06:48.21] A big question for our listeners: is it possible to be “too attentive” with your customers?
  • [00:11:49.15] Vegas vs. New York, Toronto, and everywhere else
  • [00:12:16.17] How you should be treated in retail stores, regardless of who you are and how you’re dressed
  • [00:14:06.17] The importance of “showrooming”
  • [00:15:07.06] The terrible “receipt epidemic”
  • [00:15:47.12] Data collection tactics and what’s wrong with them
  • [00:17:03.17] The right way to conduct surveys
  • [00:19:34.14] Whether or not companies use survey data to make changes
  • [00:22:14.27] My issue with loyalty cards
  • [00:26:36.29] One of the only places I use loyalty cards
  • And so much more. . .


The trick with using customer data is customization, not creepiness. [Tweet This]

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Audio recorded by: Wayne Cochrane Sound