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#033: Books and More

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On this episode of the UnPodcast, we discussed the coming release of my book, UnSelling, why I can’t discount my books on Kindle, and why the quality of books has gone down in recent years. We also talked about some major social media blunders ranging from a teen in the Netherlands whose foolish tweet resulted in her arrest, and the failed Twitter hashtag attempt of the NYPD.

Other topics include:

  • Our joint bio [00:02:08.03]
  • What I find truly fascinating [00:03:49.11]
  • The UnBook Club [00:05:45.00]
  • The coming release of UnSelling [00:06:06.16]
  • Why my Kindle books aren’t discounted [00:07:03.09]
  • Why the quality of books has gone done [00:08:27.26]
  • My favorite line [00:12:48.28]
  • Just because it’s legal, doesn’t make it right [00:15:47.28]
  • My observation about meeting planners [00:17:13.01]
  • What sums up so much in social media for me [00:21:53.29]
  • Why article shares are not an indicator of success [00:22:06.26]
  • The most important data when it comes to content marketing [00:24:12.12]
  • The value of being a “front page” site [00:25:31.06]
  • The importance of the content behind the headlines [00:27:19.16]
  • What’s more important than the time of day you send out your newsletters [00:27:56.03]
  • The importance of knowing your end game in social media [00:28:30.02]
  • Why I spend time on Facebook [00:29:42.29]
  • The place for proper newspapers [00:31:51.11]
  • The consequences of a foolish tweet [00:34:00.03]
  • NYPD hashtag gone bad [00:42:55.23]
  • Passive exposure vs. active exposure [00:45:21.22]
  • When hashtags work [00:47:04.29]
  • And so much more. . .


You can’t control something with law that needs to be controlled with common sense. [Tweet This]

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This ‘Hip hop-themed’ table horrified cancer benefit guests

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Audio recorded by: Wayne Cochrane Sound