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#031: Boys vs. Girls in Marketing

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On this episode of the UnPodcast, we talked about problems associated with marketing based on gender, race, and other demographics and what marketing should be focused on instead. We discussed several toys and other products that focus on targeting girls vs. boys, and the way that those products should be marketed.

Other topics include:

  • [00:03:05.10] Favorite brands of Canadian women
  • [00:05:35.03] The most surprising favorite brand
  • [00:06:13.24] The question of the episode — does it make sense to cater directly to women and say that this product is specifically for women?
  • [00:06:41.28] The most basic fundamental of business
  • [00:07:08.06] The fine line between focus vs. stereotype
  • [00:08:55.08] An important aspect of branding
  • [00:09:24.00] What to do if you’re not getting the market you want
  • [00:11:53.16] The issue of how we sell things to boys
  • ]00:12:07.06] Who Legos are for
  • [00:16:30.04] Pens for men vs. women
  • [00:18:03.04] What should not be the defining thing when it comes to marketing
  • [00:19:40.28] What you should target in marketing instead of demographics
  • [00:20:22.17] A true disservice to children
  • [00:21:14.13] The thing that is so bad that it would make Alison turn against Martha Stewart
  • [00:26:19.24] The problem that occurs when you label something as being for girls
  • [00:30:36.15] What’s wrong with being told that one of your choices is bad
  • [00:34:11.08] A huge problem with children’s clothing
  • [00:37:11.12] When bias is OK
  • And so much more. . .


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