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#024: Franchising 101

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In this episode of the UnPodcast, we talked about the ins and outs of franchises. We specifically discussed the importance of consistency among franchises, the responsibility of individual franchise owners, and how the experience at one location impacts all of the other franchisees.

Other topics include:

  • Back to basics with social media [00:10:35.05]
  • Alison’s new sentence of the week [00:11:29.19]
  • A good question to ask yourself when you’re putting out advertising [00:12:37.16]
  • The most important thing for franchisees to realize [00:14:05.03]
  • The primary difference between one franchise and another [00:14:53.23]
  • How the impact of the experience at one franchise impacts all other locations [00:16:04.28]
  • What people remember more than good service [00:17:39.17]
  • The importance of consistency among franchisees [00:18:17.21]
  • The responsibility of individual franchise owners [00:20:15.01]
  • An exercise to learn how people perceive your company [00:20:56.17]
  • When it’s good to be gun shy [00:25:44.29]
  • The impact that rumors have on those who truly have a negative experience [00:32:45.11]
  • The value of creating a community around your product [00:34:32.18]
  • The impact of fake reviews [00:35:48.24]
  • How community is built around a product [00:37:28.23]
  • The problem with community managers [00:41:50.03]
  • The three sides to every story [00:44:17.22]
  • And so much more. . .

    Items mentioned in this episode

  • Ikea finds no evidence of incident involving woman breastfeeding in store, mother maintains story
  • Culver’s
  • Firehouse Subs
    Video provided by: AtomicSpark
    Audio recorded by: Wayne Cochrane Sound

    • Thomas Katlun

      Can’t wait to hear it. Tomorrow`s run already scheduled! Net Unpodcast for UnRunning!

    • TheDailyBoss

      “Most companies don’t want to know what their customers think.” Yep. With your permission, I’ll ‘borrow’ the word-association test at work today. Thanks

    • Rhonda Hartling

      I know the door hanger example well. Clients do like to “just ship it” despite our UnReco – then it agency’s ‘fault’ when results are (shockingly) bad.

    • Jamie Manship

      Where is the video? I enjoy watching you throw things at each other. 😉

    • Terry Babij

      Another fun show tanks! By looking at tweets more than the 5 regular listeners this week.

      Many years ago I was participating in an industry group where a peer was complaining that Taco Bell was now paying people more than they were (a significantly higher value add industry). It was suggested to invest in his staff with training to increase moral and perceived value for team members. His comment was if I train them then they will leave, a reply to that was better you don’t train them and they stay.

    • RD Keleher

      Excited for the video…

    • Its really nice seeing a podcast that talks more about Franchising. I believe that every business person should learn the basics of this business approach.

      The topics shared hit on the fundamentals of franchising. Its readily a very good share.

      I have left the above comment in where this post was shared and kingged for Internet marketers.

      Sunday – contributor

    • Beck

      I loved hearing you mention a Wisconsin based company, Culvers, positively! It is my go to burger place 🙂 Every one I’ve been to here in Wisconsin has had the same quality food.

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    • Denis Smith

      We heard a lot about Physical business franchises but can there be anything like digital franchise business?

      • Tom

        I like the sound of this! “Digital brand leasing”