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#022: You Shouldn’t Blog When. . .

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On this episode of the UnPodcast we talked about blogging and whether or not it’s dead. Specifically we discussed the importance of only blogging when you truly have something that is useful to say and why you shouldn’t publish everything you write.

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Other topics include:

  • The most tasteless real estate ad ever [00:05:08.11]
  • Lululemon’s back in the news and what Alison’s doing about it [00:09:51.14]
  • When to walk away from buying particular products [00:15:03.02]
  • My conversation with Mitch Joel [00:15:36.19]
  • What makes brands inpenetrable [00:17:11.05]
  • The resale industry and when it’s right or wrong to resell items[00:18:25.25]
  • The HUGE thing people in business don’t like to think about [00:24:06.09]
  • Accountability for franchises [00:27:53.18]
  • Why business blogging isn’t like a training bra [00:32:59.00]
  • How you should treat your business [00:35:34.04]
  • What makes a blog better [00:36:27.09]
  • The only decision-based form of digital media [00:39:36.04]
  • What you SHOULD blog about [00:40:54.20]
  • The race to be first, and why it’s a bad idea [00:42:04.18]
  • What you should do when someone posts something on social media that is untrue [00:45:06.20]
  • And so much more. . .


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Items mentioned in this episode

Lululemon Bans Customers Over Online Sales, Apologizes

The most tasteless real estate ad ever

The most tasteless real estate ad ever

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Video provided by: AtomicSpark
Audio recorded by: Wayne Cochrane Sound

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  • Clarity Creative Group

    Don’t feel like you need to see Grease. I’ve seen it a couple times and can’t see the appeal! Also, I’m from FL and had NO IDEA what a triple/triple was until today!

  • This real estate ad thing is awful!

  • Your lovely Seattle.
    Watching here on the blog on desktop or YouTube on my phone.
    Didn’t know about triple-triple.

    Great podcast but why 50 min!?
    {kidding, kidding}

  • YouTube…! I always want to see what T-shirts you’re wearing.

  • On the topic of Starbucks-sugar-shame: Being a ‘bucks barista is like being a doctor: the patient thinks his problem is so gross, but most doctors have seen way worse. There are many, many orders worse than 8 packets of sugar in a coffee. (try a frappuccino cup slathered in caramel, covered in whipped cream on the top AND the bottom, with 3x the amount of syrup pumps. Not joking).

  • lucrecer

    Horrible real estate pitch. Horrible! And, there is no shame is asking for tons of sugar in your coffee. I have asked for the bottle of caramel to add the proper amount in my Caramel Machiotto more than once with NO shame. I listen to the podcast on Stitcher.

  • How I consume your show- I watch and listen. In the morning with coffee, lunch time or in evening. I listen to your Podcast when working in the office, on my bicycle ride.

  • Thomas Katlun

    listen to your podcast on iTunes while running. Some episodes even made me run more than planned, due to the length of the shows 😉