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#021: Are Tradeshows Still Worth It?

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In this episode of the UnPodcast, we talked about what makes tradeshows worth it today. We also discussed the two types of buyers at tradeshows, why tradeshows are more than just having a booth or table, and what you should do when working a booth.

Other topics include:

  • The ROI of social media [00:02:48.23]
  • Something to post every day on Facebook [00:04:09.22]
  • An example of a company doing things right [00:06:02.07]
  • What usually happens when you tweet a complaint to a company[00:11:01.01]
  • Our personal experiences with tradeshows [00:19:17.28]
  • How tradeshow organizers can best deal with bad tradeshow food [00:23:07.03
  • What makes tradeshows worth it [00:24:23.16]
  • Two types of buyers at tradeshows [00:25:40.01]
  • The benefits of offering show specials [00:26:06.26]
  • Over and above things to do in tradeshows and whether or not they’re worth it [00:27:13.07]
  • Why tradeshows are more than just having a booth or table [00:28:18.29]
  • Two versions of ROI [00:28:44.15]
  • Tradeshow expectations [00:29:16.20]
  • The two most important things that make everything else irrelevant [00:34:59.24]
  • The importance or researching tradeshow buyers [00:35:42.18]
  • What to do when working a booth [00:36:20.02]
  • What pulls people into your booth [00:38:15.22]
  • The importance of swag being product based [00:41:49.16]
  • Booth babes [00:43:29.00]
  • What not to do at tradeshows [00:46:09.07]
  • What’s wrong with suitcasing [00:46:42.13]
  • And so much more. . .

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    Pulled pork parfait from Hank Daddy's BBQ

    Pulled pork parfait from Hank Daddy’s BBQ

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  • IKEA
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    Video provided by: AtomicSpark
    Audio recorded by: Wayne Cochrane Sound

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    • Great stuff here – the piggybacking is very frustrating as a show organizer, especially those who spam the conference hashtag and/or networking group(s) for the show to lure people away.

    • Brenda Kerber

      Great episode. I am a retailer of adult toys and have been to many a trade show – both as vendor and attendee. Allison, if the lingerie show was disconcerting for you, imagine what I see! The booth babe issue is a big problem. Even though I work in the adult industry, I am a business owner. When I am at a customer show, I don’t have a problem with it because that’s what customers are going there to see. When I am an attendee at a business show it makes me crazy. I am not going there to see booth babes, I am going to talk to manufacturers and distributors who have products I might want to sell. I don’t care how they dress in their booth but if I go to talk to them and they can’t give me the information I need about the product, I’m annoyed. It’s insulting to business people and a waste of their time.
      I agree with all the things you’ve said here about trade show etiquette but I’ll tell you that it’s very hard to be someone who plays by the rules when so many others don’t. I think in the end, I do get to the people I want to reach because they are less likely to respond to the booth babes and the suitcasing and piggybacking – our customer base is a little different than that. But I think those distractions cause you to lose some folks.

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    • mallory mitchell

      mallory mitchell
      ig: @malzwell
      twitter: @_malzwellfollow

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    • Thomas Katlun

      Thanks for the episode. Very entertaining. Got a lot of useful ideas for our upcoming trade shows!