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#021: Are Tradeshows Still Worth It?

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In this episode of the UnPodcast, we talked about what makes tradeshows worth it today. We also discussed the two types of buyers at tradeshows, why tradeshows are more than just having a booth or table, and what you should do when working a booth.

Other topics include:

  • The ROI of social media [00:02:48.23]
  • Something to post every day on Facebook [00:04:09.22]
  • An example of a company doing things right [00:06:02.07]
  • What usually happens when you tweet a complaint to a company[00:11:01.01]
  • Our personal experiences with tradeshows [00:19:17.28]
  • How tradeshow organizers can best deal with bad tradeshow food [00:23:07.03
  • What makes tradeshows worth it [00:24:23.16]
  • Two types of buyers at tradeshows [00:25:40.01]
  • The benefits of offering show specials [00:26:06.26]
  • Over and above things to do in tradeshows and whether or not they’re worth it [00:27:13.07]
  • Why tradeshows are more than just having a booth or table [00:28:18.29]
  • Two versions of ROI [00:28:44.15]
  • Tradeshow expectations [00:29:16.20]
  • The two most important things that make everything else irrelevant [00:34:59.24]
  • The importance or researching tradeshow buyers [00:35:42.18]
  • What to do when working a booth [00:36:20.02]
  • What pulls people into your booth [00:38:15.22]
  • The importance of swag being product based [00:41:49.16]
  • Booth babes [00:43:29.00]
  • What not to do at tradeshows [00:46:09.07]
  • What’s wrong with suitcasing [00:46:42.13]
  • And so much more. . .

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    Pulled pork parfait from Hank Daddy's BBQ

    Pulled pork parfait from Hank Daddy’s BBQ

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    Audio recorded by: Wayne Cochrane Sound