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#020: “Other” Social Media Platforms

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On this episode of the UnPodcast, we talked about how many business owners feel pressured to be on every social media platform, even if it doesn’t make sense for them to be there. It’s important to ask yourself WHY you are doing what you are, and if there isn’t a good reason to do so, then you need to stop.

Other topics include:

  • What you have to do to motivate people to come into a store and purchase rather than buying online [00:11:05.19]
  • Changes in delivery industries [00:11:53.05]
  • The importance of being uniquely human [00:16:49.24]
  • One of the biggest keys for successful social media [00:17:27.01]
  • Why you don’t EVER have to be on any social media account [00:17:49.04]
  • How to handle the pressure to be on every social media platform [00:18:58.09]
  • The best way to figure out which social media platforms to be on [00:20:12.02]
  • What your social media strategy needs to be [00:23:45.01]
  • The importance of asking, “why?” [00:24:20.06]
  • Why LinkedIn isn’t a social network, but what it IS good for [00:26:32.01]
  • Drive by postings [00:28:57.03]
  • How to find the best groups on LinkedIn [00:29:35.29]
  • The absolutely brilliant thing LinkedIn did last year [00:30:26.10]
  • The worst thing to do on every social media platform [00:31:32.18]
  • How Google Plus is like the rich kid in high school that no one wants to hang out with [00:33:42.13]
  • What you should never make people do on social media [00:40:36.22]
  • And so much more. . .

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    Items mentioned in this episode

  • UnPodcast episode 17: The Present and Future of Facebook [00:03:53.24]
  • UnPodcast episode 18: The World of Twitter [00:03:57.26]
  • No sixth sense: ‘123456’ is worst password of 2013
  • Best Buy Sends Out Coupon That Excludes Most Things You Want At Best Buy[00:07:38.08]
  • Reflections of Motherhood [00:24:19.13]
  • Conference Call in Real Life video[00:25:46.29]
    Video provided by: AtomicSpark
    Audio recorded by: Wayne Cochrane Sound

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    • Kolyn Radbourne

      Great work guys. As always you give me a good little nugget to apply to my new venture.

    • This is the first time I’ve ever WATCHED a podcast, and it works! Having the 2 of you – and 3 cameras – helps make it very watchable, so well done.

      Not sure if you know, but you can also make the timestamps on the blog into links to go straight to the right part of the video on YouTube:

    • MSK

      Humanize the brand – absolutely! Empathy, trust, civility – the
      same qualities we want from our relationships, we want from our brands.

      Agree that you need to try different platforms to see what works best for you. And definitely great advice to ask your customers what they are using for insights.

    • Was this the Kevin Spacey speech on the future of television you were speaking about? I couldn’t find a link in the notes above.

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      mallory mitchell
      live financially free!

    • Great show guys. As I was listening I wanted to be able to call in during the part where you were discussing Linkedin and Google+ as I’ve found a good amount of value from both.

      For companies in professional services (typically the boring kind of companies), Linkedin is fantastic. I’ve found that even for my Social Business Agency, Linkedin drives more high quality traffic than Facebook or Twitter…or any other site. By that I mean when I look at GA, I see that a higher percentage and a higher number of visitors convert on my website when they come from Linkedin. Most of my clients are in highly regulated industries and they see very much the same thing, more traffic from Facebook, Twitter, etc, but better traffic from Linkedin. It may not be as “social” as other platforms, but it’s extremely effective for branding and lead generation.

      Also, if you think about how it can be used for recruiting, it can actually make a company more social. Imagine that the company page has several videos: a few talk about the people, one or two talk about he culture, one or two talk about the type of work the company does; this makes for a great recruiting tool by telling the story of the company. Add in employees linked to the company page, and a call to action for potential recruits to contact anyone they want, and now there are more touch points for potential job applicants to talk with people inside the company.

      As for Google+, I could go on and on about that one, but I think it’s going to be an extremely important service moving forward, not just because of the implications for search, but also as we see the value of having that “layer” to tie together everything Google-related. Beyond that, if you think of it like Facebook or Twitter, it will seem lackluster, but if you just let it be Google+ you can find some really interesting info that doesn’t make it to Facebook or Twitter. Follow different people, join communities, seek out the people who actively use it.

      Great show. Thanks for letting me chime in.

    • TinT

      I like your content but I must tell you a good purpose for LinkedIn that I recently discovered. I switched industries from Aerospace to Healthcare to help people with Alzheimer’s disease – something I know little about (story for another time). LinkedIn groups allow me to interact with seasoned professionals in this discipline. I can share ideas and learn from them.

    • @papbuster

      Thanks for the “favourite”. I’m watching right now. Looks fun.

    • Scott, you’re extremely entertaining! You have some interesting opinions, insightful things to say, and I love your no BS attitude. But when it comes to Google+ you’re not as honest about how much you don’t understand. You also quote stats without sources and clearly even you don’t know what you’re quoting. I’ve tried to bring you into conversations over there to engage on the topic but it seems at this point you’ve blocked me. Really unfortunate because I think the dialogue would have been fruitful.

      • Hey Dustin,

        I love to have more info and opinions/thoughts on Google+. Ill even bring them up on another episode.
        What I won’t do is get ganged up on by people who get personal. I’d love a good dialogue on it.
        In stubborn but not that stubborn.

        • That’s totally understandable. It’s unfortunate that so many of of G+ enthusiasts get so defensive (myself included) when inaccurate representations are made of the network where we’ve found our tribe. If you’d be willing to discuss, I’d appreciate the opportunity to interview you about it (or just chat privately).

    • Louis and Chad

      Thanks for the post! I’m a student, and it
      helped with a Digital Marketing assignment my team’s working on. We’d
      appreciate if you’d check it out!