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#017: Air Canada vs. WestJet

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In this episode of the UnPodcast we talk some more about why we switched to WestJet from Air Canada. We also discussed how the erosion that takes place over time with customers creates opportunity for business owners.

Other topics include:

  • The very least you should do if you have a newsletter [00:03:01.22]
  • The good things that can come from responding to automated emails [00:03:54.26]
  • The two things in the world that Scott hates [00:04:32.17]
  • What’s even worse than Google Glass [00:04:54.07]
  • What entrepreneur means in Latin [00:16:28.13]
  • What Scott never tells Alison [00:18:51.08]
  • An important trait Scott was born with (and Alison wasn’t) [00:19:02.07]
  • How dumb criminals use social media [00:23:15.12]
  • Air Canada vs. WestJet [00:27:42.04]
  • How respecting customers is also a way to respect employees [00:33:42.01]
  • How erosion creates opportunity [00:34:58.04]
  • How everyone has their own set of factors that determines what matters [00:38:14.21]
  • The trick for all businesses, when it comes to pricing [00:41:06.09]
  • And so much more. . .


    This week we’re giving away Obols! Leave a comment and tell us your favorite cereal for a chance to win. If you mention Scott’s favorite cereal, he’ll send an obol and one of his autographed books free to up to four people!

    Items mentioned in this episode

  • Obol
  • Pet Petter
  • Dupree Johnson Charged With 142 Felony Counts After Cop Sees His Instagram Page
  • Air Canada Surname Policy Called Out For Being ‘Archaic’
  • Missouri Bar Responds To Cease And Desist From Starbucks With Epic Letter And $6 Check
    Video provided by: AtomicSpark
    Audio recorded by: Wayne Cochrane Sound

    • Ragnar E.

      Entertaining as always Alison & Scott.
      FYI UnPodcast episodes 16 and 17 do not show under Scott’s youtube page, had to come look for them on the website.

    • Drew Moore

      I have a gluten allergy, so cereal selection has become a lot more…gross. There use to be this amazing limited run cereal that was like mini cinnamon doughnuts. Gluten free cereal is even worse when it gets soggy.

      • You win! Just send us your mailing address using the site contact form!

    • Rohaan Malhotra

      My favorite cereal of all time was Choco Flakes by Kelloggs. Sadly I don’t think they make it anymore, though I’m sure I could find a box on Ebay if I really looked.

      Another great podcast as always, I just re-listened to Ep 11 yesterday (the rant by Harlan Ellison is fantastic; I ended up buying the documentary because of it).

    • beckymochaface

      Thanks for adding the timestamps to the topics included. Super helpful.

    • Mike Baldwin

      This is my go to every Wednesday. I don’t know who the “the show is too long” people are. I have an 8 hour work day, you guys should take up at least 4 of that.

      • Mike Baldwin

        My favorite cereal is Cocoa Puffs!

    • temafrank

      No contest. Westjet!

    • Lucky Charms is my fave cereal. Would love an Obol! Looks very useful.

    • adam knight

      My favorite cereal has to be Captain Crunch, I have loved this since I was a young lad, I still buy this once and a while to take me back to the days that I used to sit in front of the tv on Saturday mornings for a day of cartoons. I would love one of these obols to top off my cereal experience Love the show Alison and Scott and loving the stickers you guys sent me.

    • Don H.

      Scott and Alison I have been loving your podcast since the first podcast. Thanks for making marketing FUN and making people think about treating each other better. My favorite cereal has to be Quisp, mostly because of the alien mascot. I am that simple. Thanks for doing the podcast, I look forward to it every week.

    • Phatsoslim

      I loved the UNpodcast. This was the first one I have ever watched. Very good. My favourite cereal is a boring one, I like Special K with skim milk and topped with a little natural honey. I bet one of Scott’s favourites is Captain Crunch.
      I will be sure to tune in for more.

    • Jake R

      Give me back my cereal!!

      • Jake R

        And my favorite is Cinnamon Toast Crunch. More sugar, more energy.

    • mhpd

      Great episode. Even better if you eat Captain Crunch while watching. Unless you are vegan. 🙂

    • Bob Manley

      Apple Jacks? OOOOOOBowl please!

    • Shawnte Clow

      Gotta be Corn Pops. Big bowl, giant spoon, and cartoons. Nowadays, though, the compromise between health and taste leads me to Multi-grain Cheerios.

    • Garrett

      Fruity Pebbles is and always will be the best cereal. Keep up the wonderful podcast.

    • Always a raving fan of the evil and destructive Crunch Berries – tastes like berries on steroids and ravages the roof of your mouth!

    • Nereide Crisologo

      my ultimate favorite cereal is frosted cheerios!

    • Katherine

      Just wanted to let you know that everyone at work thinks I’m crazy because everytime you post one of these I laugh for an hour at my desk with my headphones in.

      As for favorite cereal: Weetbix!
      Although weetbix does create the great divide in Australia, let them soak in the milk or keep them crunchy. Obol: bridging the weetbix divide.

    • Kurt Uy

      This podcast is amazing! I love listening to you guys. With that said, I want to further enhance my experience by getting one of your freebies 🙂 I want at obol. My favourite cereal is fruit loops with 2% milk! I believe that’s also the same cereal that Scott enjoys

    • karenjayne

      Krispy Kritters, Quisp, Freakies… good ol’ 70’s bad-for-you cereal!!

    • RonProctor

      Peanut Butter Crunch: One cereal to rule them all.

      Okay now that’s done, I have a bone to pick: You promised me that if I stayed tuned past the 30 minute version, I’d hear about racists/sexists/homophobes, so instead of turning the podcast off, as I normally do at precisely 30’00.00″, I left it on and continued my homeward commute. The podcast ended just as I entered my garage, but you ran out of steam and left me hanging without anything to say about the racists/sexists/homophobes! I slogged through tens of minutes of entertaining, humorous content for a broken promise.

      If you’re looking for “driveway moment,” find another podcast.

    • Cinnamon Toast Crunch must be one of Scott’s favourites.
      And while you’re on your airline binge, you should check out Air North – they’re one of the best. Great on Twitter, a real person answers the phone when you call and warm chocolate chip cookies on every flight!

    • Jane At Manchester Honda

      Life cereal is my favorite and I would guess you like Trix-Jane Smith

    • Jimmie

      Shout-out for the old-school Raisin Bran (which now *needs* an obowl so the bran does’t get soggy!).

      I’m going to put Scott down for an Alpha Bits kind of guy. Nutritious, educational, and you can Instagram the funny words your cereal spells!

    • Mark Leonard

      I smile all the way to work when I listen to your show. Thank you. My favorite cereal is post raisin bran not Kellogg’s Raisin Bran it’s got to be post. Would love to eat my next bowl of cereal in an obol signed by Scott and Allison.

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