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#016: From Toy Cars to Google Glass

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On this episode of the UnPodcast, we start off with a great feel-good story about a project that involves a 10-year-old boy, a toy, and people from around the world that range from celebrities to homeless people. From there we dig into what’s wrong with Google Glass and how technology can keep us from enjoying the things that really matter.

Other topics include:

  • How social media opened doors for getting into CES
  • Regardless of how big a person gets, they’re still only human
  • Wearable technology
  • How calling someone out can cause you to lose some people
  • Why stories matter
  • What can’t be copied
  • What leads to emotional connection to products
  • My biggest problem with CES
  • My biggest problem with Google Glass
  • How Facebook became more relevant for me
  • How overdocumention keeps us from truly experiencing life
  • And so much more. . .

    Technology is not a license to stop having manners [Tweet This]

    Items mentioned in this episode

  • Miguelitos Little Green Car
  • The Vegas 30 Podcast
  • CES (Consumer Electronics Show)
  • Everik Lifesave II Battery Pack
  • Michael Bay Walks Off Stage During Samsung Presentation
  • Nike Plus
  • Saddleback Leather How to Knock off a Bag video
  • Google Glass
    The more people you connect with, the less you’re connected. [Tweet This]
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    Video provided by: AtomicSpark
    Audio recorded by: Wayne Cochrane Sound

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    • Chris

      Zero Comments so far? Hmmm…I might as well say those magic words: You are my lifesaver. But I live in Germany so I guess no chance for me whatsoever 😀 Nevertheless great podcast I enjoy it very much!! Thanks guys, keep up the great work!! Cheers Chris

    • Rohaan Malhotra

      You guys are a lifesaver, and the reason I now look forward to Wednesday mornings! Fantastic content, and I look forward to listening to the podcast at work (and watching when I get home) every week; keep up the fantastic work!

    • Carolann Barton

      Driving between Oakville and Ottawa this weekend, I ran out of juice (rental car – forgot my incar charger) and had a very silent 5 hour drive. I need that lifesaver! Please?

      • Winner! Just send your mailing address through the contact form here.

    • Matt Woodall

      As a nerd and glass explorer have to chime in. I have glass and wear it as much as possible. HOWEVER I was raised to be polite. I fully understand where you’re coming from feeling that glass is rude. I treat my glass similar to a cell phone. Going into restaurants I will take glass off, when having a face to face conversation I will take glass off. There are boundaries and social norms which need to be established with the device. The “glasshole” who threw a hissy fit is not doing this tech justice, they’re in fact hurting the tech for the rest of us . It is a new technology with lots of kinks to work out. As an explorer I feel it’s my responsibility to let the public experience glass. I’ve let everyone who’s asked try it on. At a recent hockey game over 20 people tried my glass on. Everyone was blown away by the screen and the tech. The perception of the device is that it’s creepy, but parts of that can be dispelled with more knowledge of the device. It’s not on the vast majority of time, I can’t recognize faces and pull up facebook, I can take a picture but I have to hit a button or speak out loud. Yes the user can be creepy and yes the user can be rude; but the key here is the user. The tech is in its infancy, there’s no doubt about that. Where it will go I’m not sure, all I’m hoping is that the “glassholes” don’t ruin it for the rest of us.

    • Terry Babij

      “Yous are my lifesaver” (not the candies with a hole in them). My weekly bit of your insights. As always a great show. Dundas is one my favoritest places!! In a time gone by it was bigger than Hamilton.

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    • Shawn McCormick

      You are my lifesaver…and hopefully that Everik Lifesave II can be a lifesaver too!

    • karenjayne

      Hey… I didn’t get the key lime pie 😉 … but you ARE my lifesaver!! (My key lime green iPad is overworked in Key West)

    • Google Glass will need to get smaller to gain acceptance by the general public. However, if it becomes smaller, it is less obvious when they are using glass while talking to you.

    • Drew Moore

      Darn, missed the draw… But you guys really are my lifesaver. I started tuning in after hearing you keynote at NMX. Not a big podcast set listener, but it am really enjoying the show (all 56 minutes of it – glad you aren’t shortening it!)

    • Seriously though! You are my lifesaver! You are the wind beneath my wings.

      On a side note, love the podcast. Almost like getting a Scott Stratten keynote once a week.

      ….just read the comments. Didn’t win, but seriously love the podcast. Please keep it going and don’t shorten it.

    • Chris Kloetstra

      You are my lifesaver! My phone only dies in the worst circumstances (like posting this comment) LOL

    • Jordan DeWit

      I haven’t thought much about Google glass and have wanted a pair because I thought it would have been a fun trend and a chance to be a part of history.

      But if I have to pay in real time connection with now, with people around me, etc, then you are absolutely right. It’s not worth it. It’s an extra barrier.

      I don’t even like talking to people wearing sun glasses and I find men who wear them to be creepy because you cant see their eyes. I couldn’t imagine how creepy the glasses would be.

    • Google glass are as like as Aladin lamp.which is the use social media of Facebook,CES and others media communication. So i think that it is great work of Google.