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#014: Marketing Smorgasbord

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On this episode of the UnPodcast, we have a virtual marketing smorgasbord where we talk about a wide variety of topics, starting off with the things people say when they’re about to be offensive. You know, things like, “My best friend is ______________” (fill in the blank with a particular race, religion, sexual orientation, etc.).

We also discussed Black Friday, the craziest shopping day in the U.S. and employment laws regarding working on holidays.

Other topics include:

  • How email is like passing a note to a friend
  • How behind the scenes actions become public
  • How bloggers who want free stuff give all bloggers a bad name
  • Laws related to telemarketers
  • When we stop liking virtual reality
  • A creepy form of marketing
  • Family first, product second
  • The worst thing you can do as a manager
  • How to build loyalty with your employees
  • The right way to take a stand for what you believe in
  • And so much more. . .

Items mentioned in this episode

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Video provided by: AtomicSpark
Audio recorded by: Wayne Cochrane Sound

  • mario2k4

    Because I live in AMERICA, the land of the FREE, I would like a FREE bottle from Liberty Bottle Works!

  • Renee


  • Nereide Crisologo

    but Alison and Scott… I am a REAL PERSON. . . . perhaps my internet connection is faulty

  • Justin Weeces

    I too want a free water bottle. 🙂

    Just found your UnPodcast yesterday. Thanks to triple play speed, I am already caught up. And, the voice modulation sounded wen funnier. 🙂


  • Charlotte Hetterick

    I want a free bottle!! Go AMERICA love the response to the rant – Go Liberty Bottle!

  • AMERICA! It’s always nice to hear when a business responds so well rather than meeting the jackasses on their own levels.

  • GO Promotions

    Loved your book except for the anti-swag part. Glad you’ve come around on the AMERICA promotion.

  • Amy Addison

    AMERICA! Loved the podcast this week!

  • lucrecer

    I am so glad Alison has a chair with arm rests! Yay! AMERICA!

  • Amber

    So happy that Alison finally got her armrests! And you’re not interrupting her nearly as much, Scott… Possible correlation? 😉 Just like the previous 13 episodes, I thoroughly enjoyed this one… Oh, and yay for AMERICA.

  • This podcast is great it actually sounds like real talk radio! I’m going to listen to every episode thank yiou for not sucking!

  • Pamela Herrmann

    That’s how we spell it here, I think.

  • Lisa

    AMERICA!! Also, LOVE those chairs!! 🙂 I tried to find them from my local Staples …. can’t locate them…

  • Hfujohn


  • Christina

    AMERICA!! I have never heard of Liberty Bottles before today! I would LOVE a water bottle 🙂 Cheers

  • StrictlyLove

    The term you were looking for in regards to the fake computer voice was the “Uncanny Valley”. – It’s typically more for visuals, but I think it really applies for that horrible robot voice as well.

  • Cole Hartigan

    Love listening to your podcasts here in AMERICA, water bottle in hand. I think you forgot 7.5 minutes of the show however 😉

  • Mike Baldwin

    AMERICA! Free water bottles are the best kind of water bottles, I’d love to have one! Love the podcast!

  • Kathy B

    AMERICA! I’d love a free water bottle! Love the podcast!

  • jillchongva

    ‘MURICA! I want a bottle pleasey please 🙂

  • Chris Kloetstra

    AMERICA – Love your podcast! I would love a water bottle!

  • I want to PAY for a bottle. FUND AWESOME AMERICA BIZ

  • OH yeah, I worked at a movie theatre in high school. Had to count the cups too. Got yelled at for not giving away the large cups. Kudos to Ms. Chandler.

  • AMERICA! a water bottle….yes, please!

  • Well darn it all, after coming across a Scott Stratten youtube video, then this website, I made the mistake of listening to a unpodcast. Unfortunately, I learned from it. This means I had to go back to unpodcast #001 and work my way forward. I’m up to #014. I’ve learn something from each and every one. Now I need to listen to the rest of them. Darn you Alison and Scott!

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