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#001: Our UnPodcast Adventure Begins!

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For Episode 1, our UnAdventure begins with the most valuable thing an entrepreneur can have, and ends on Jug Mountain. Just the podcast ride you’ve been waiting for.

Hear what Alison thinks about a customer faking the grossest product shipment ever and who Scott thinks you should never mess with online.

Other topics include:

  • Why QR codes kill kittens
  • What is, and is not, trademark infringement
  • The dumbest move we’ve seen on the Internet. EVER.
  • How to handle false accusations about your brand
  • The importance of good reviews on your site
  • When to walk away from a problem customer
  • How to determine the difference between a troll and a customer with a legitimate complaint
  • When to give a refund even if the customer is wrong
  • How we’ve scared the crap out of brands
  • Why it’s important for the people handling social media to have authority to take care of a problem
  • And so much more. . .


    Items mentioned in this episode

  • Beware of Those Who Ask for Feedback: And Other Organizational Constants
  • Beauty and Fashion Tech Post
  • Video of the girl who burned her hair with a curling iron
  • Motrin Moms commercial
  • Summer School movie trailer
    Video provided by: AtomicSpark
    Audio recorded by: Wayne Cochrane Sound

    • Hell yeah! looking forward to this podcast Scott.

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    • Looks good, I will check it out today. Will it be available on iTunes so we can subscribe?

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    • Lynne Knowlton

      Fabulous to see your podcast come to life !! Can’t wait to hear more ! You rock out loud.
      Lynne from Design The Life You Want to Live… and who will be in Oakville TOMORROW 🙂 meet you at Starbucks ? LOL. I wish.

    • Robert Wall

      Scott, I have at least a little background for the flat iron thing….

      Apparently there are a number of companies making and selling knockoffs of this product *using the brand name*. I.e. they’re passing their knockoffs off as the real deal.

      So hiring a company to find the people making and selling the knockoffs (and get them to stop using your brand, maybe?) might’ve made sense.

      Of course the company who did the finding probably did a lazy Google search and spammed out “cease and desist” letters to anybody and everybody using the name at all.


      I think the lesson here is to watch how much authority you hand out to the companies you contract with – even if you have a reasonable reason to use their services.

      Letting them report back with infringers? Great. Letting them threaten the infringers with legal action, sight-unseen? Not great.

      Downright asinine, actually. 🙂

      Thanks for a great podcast!

    • Joe Johnston

      Hey guys, great show! Quick story – over the years, my sister spent a gajillion dollars with Sears Canada. She had a new fridge she bought from them go on the fritz. She phoned Sears and they told her she was slightly over the warranty period. She asked them what she should do and they told her to call the manufacturer for service. When she did, the manufacturer told her that that model and part were now discontinued. She called Sears back and they said that they were sorry nothing they could do. After a heated discussion and a period of time my sister was offered some Sears points. She declined and has never spent another dime with Sears (after cancelling her Sears card as well). BTW – she tells EVERYBODY….and she’s in marketing/PR!!!! No wonder companies like that are in trouble….Cheers, Joe Johnston, Toronto

    • ChrisBowman

      Fantastic podcast from both of you! Welcome to the world o’ podcasts!

    • Wish I had of found you BEFORE I moved away from Oakville, woulda loved to have a soy vanilla latte with you awesome people!

    • jessicamalnik

      Love this podcast! 🙂

      Amen to this point. Customers don’t see SILOS! 🙂

    • Daniel Hebert

      Scott and Allison,
      This was my first pod cast listen, glad I waited. Your’s and Denny Hatch are the only e-mails I wont just send to the rubbish bin before reading. Great job and great fun.

    • You go, Scott and Alison! You unPodcast that unMarketing!
      Thanks for including YouTube vid with it. FTW!

    • ans99

      fyi your summer school link is the same as the motrin one! great podcast though, can’t wait to hear more!

    • Love the new UnPodcast. Just subscribed to it on iTunes. Keep em coming

    • Hi Scott loved your writing and been very interested in your work and insights and put many into action. Avid podcast listener and great to see yours hit my morning commute. Loved the easy going “conversational style” and it was like overhearing two friends chatting rather than a broadcast which was great for a change. Opening with the film man – epic! Looking forward to hearing more! Thanks

    • Gordon Currie

      What a great Podcast! Loved UnMarketing book and now this…awesome. Nice video, clear sound…well done. Scott you are VERY funny.

    • robertfarnham

      Congratulations on the podcast!

      This is a platform that works for me. Call me a podcast addict but being able to be a fly on the wall and get your insights is going to be great.

      I was kind of surprised you thought social should be under customer service. That’s like saying the sales department is the only part of the company who can have a phone. Social needs to be optimized for every department.

      Best of luck and continued success!

    • I love podcasts, but 56 minutes? Correct, I shouldn’t judge before I listen to this one. But 56 minutes?

      • LianneCarlaS

        Give me 56 minutes of quality content over 15 minutes of useless drivel any day.

    • RyanMinney

      I had the exact same problem with #LIveScribe as you had with your belt I got jerked around by #bestbuy they had the pin would not give it back and #LIveScribe wouldn’t warranty the product because I no longer had it in my possession they lost a customer for life. I spent 100’s of dollars a year in accessories

      The End product Best buy gave me a $100.00 Gift card that couldn’t be used to repurchase the product and LIveScribe wouldn’t send me a new Pen because best buy was holding my broken pin hostage…And I obviously am selling Echo #LIveScribe pins on the black market.

    • Love it!

    • amber mac

      Hey Scott and Allison – nice job on the podcast! Opening intro is amazing – #movieguy. Love it!

    • Dan Wedge

      “we have created the social response to be better than the company itself”
      I battle with this constantly. I am our companies one social media representative, and have 20+ people who deal with customers I try and steer the community right, but it only takes one bad experience and the community member has done a 180 and there is nothing social media can do to get a second opportunity (so far)

    • Greg Ortbach

      I enjoyed the clip very much. Thanks for the Summer School memories – it starred Mark Harmon.

    • Steph

      Loved the podcast! Looking forward to episode #2.

    • Love it! Can I pre-order the DVD set?

    • Nancy Shore

      This was great! Looking forward to hearing more.

    • Jeremy Knight

      Yeah, what’s with these frickin QR codes? Advertising industry probably invented them in another (feeble) attempt to survive……..if they could they’d invent an app for that too. Loved the PCast – really entertaining and yeah, kind of surprising you have waited so long to use the channel – keep them coming.

    • Jeremy Jones


    • Naomi Andersson

      Oh I just love it, thank you from the bottom of my heart, for making common sense, best hour of work avoidance I’ve spent in ages!!

    • Chris Ives

      coming from the “brand” side I can certainly confirm the difficult balance between front end customer service and those pesky rules or policies. I think the most simple of strategies need to be employed to drive customer service and reinforce the positivity behind your brand.
      The basic premise is simply this; most customers don’t lie… and if you start there I think the rest gets simple. Yes the brand requires policy and process to limit loss or exposure but the second basic premise of customer service should supercede the rules; your employees are able to self moderate and make good choices. Yes that implies engagement and training but lets assume you have it…
      Therefore customer service needs guardrails not rules;
      1) empower the front end employee to say yes
      2) teach them guardrails like $1000 dollars or 10 years not return policy limits
      3) empower the front end employee to say yes, the first time, and every time
      No employee decision about a return or credit is going to sink your company… but it might get you into the Twitter or Reddit Hall of Infamy.

    • Mohamed GadAllah

      it gives me a great pleasure writing you this comment.
      this is Mohamed from Egypt – Cairo the capital.
      1st I’d love to congratulation you for such amazing podcast you are doing sir.
      Please I’d like to ask for a technical thing related to podcast hardware equipment and really do hope that you may have enough time to reply me.
      please what are the equipment they are using in this video?
      i mean:-
      1)microphones, 2)arm boom stand, 3)mixer, 4)pop filter, 5) headphone monitoring.
      Thanks for your valuable time replying me.

      • Hi there! I have no idea to be honest, the studio owns the equipment.

        • Mohamed GadAllah

          Thanks a lot for replying.
          Ok, I will be glad if there is any chance you may know.
          Much appreciated your valuable time replying me.

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    • Linda Kiley

      Late to the party, but yes, I “showed” Target once by canceling their then, store only “red” card, after being reprimanded for having a history of 2 returns without receipt during the previous 12 months (item values less than $10 (maybe even $5), without a receipt. I’m quite sure the company was snickering on the other end of my angst and frustration.
      Sometimes you have to take a stand — LOL!