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The Farce That Is Google+ (Updated)

(This post originally pointed to a survey about Google+ having more than 300+ million active users and mistakenly, in a blind fit of Google+ rage assumed it was a Google+ study. That was a dumb call by me that clouded the main intent of the post. Those responsible have been sacked. Shout out to Sam Fiorella that got the brunt of the attack. Those responsible for the sacking have also been sacked.)

Right when it was launched, I was told I “HAVE TO” get on Google+

Seriously, in all-caps.

So I went, it’s what us social geeks do. Nothing new right?

But Google+ was different. Through the growth of places like Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest were different… they grew initially organically gaining momentum because people loved them.

But not Google+, private beta invites, peer pressure mostly from marketers and the ones trying to stake their claim as Google+ experts the day it was released (I wish I was kidding).

So I joined, and started to circle people, looked around and to be honest I didn’t really see the need for it. All the same people I was already connected with sharing the same things on other networks. But that didn’t mean it wasn’t a good site or that others shouldn’t use it. And then came the numbers…..

Google came out last year and said that 60% of their users signed in daily.

I beg your pardon?

In reality, the numbers that represent Google+ usage are a total and complete farce.

Their numbers are calculated by how many people use their Google account in the year. They claim Google+ is a “layer” or “portal” part of the site.

So anytime you use: YouTube, Google search, Gmail, Calendar, heck any site/service that is part of the Google empire that you’ve logged into Google with, it counts as a “use” of Google+.

Oh, and for anyone who has signed up for a new Gmail account since Google+ launch? That counts as a Google+ login too even if you never set up a profile on Google+.

Sweet mother of goat milk. Read all that again. It is the worse digital exaggeration since “Twitter hashtag reach”.

Why doesn’t Google tell us the number of active users on Google+. Posts, +1’s, even just reading within the site itself. Why the inflated numbers?

If you like it, awesome. If you don’t, awesome too. There is no need to lie about stats to pretend you’re popular. Google seems to be the kid in high school that wants friends desperately, so they bought the high school. And everyone skipped class.

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