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Start Engaging.

The Best Time To Never Send Email

aaahAs usual, I’ve had enough.

Every month a new “study” comes out to say when the best time is to send email out to your list/subscribers/mother.

This study say between 12am-3am

This study says 8 a.m. – 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. – 4 p.m

This study says 6am-7am

If I looked hard enough I could probably find studies that cover every hour of every day.

The best time to never send email is when someone else told you to.

Do your homework. The only important data out there is what your own list does.

I’ve been doing email marketing since the old days when you sent an email and everyone received it.

Back in the day when the email alert went off, you got excited.

The biggest mistake with looking at “when” to send to your list is we think that’s our issue. We think we’re getting low open rates because we sent a newsletter at 11am EST on a Wednesday instead of 5am PST on a Thursday.

The best way to get your email opened is to write content worthy of being opened.

When notification of your new blog post or newsletter arrives to your subscribers, do they react with apathy or excitement?

Is your subject line “ABC Chiropractor Newsletter January Edition”? I don’t care what time you send out that breaking news, no one wants to open it. No one puts aside their game of SongPop to read that headline.

People first have to recognize your “From:” as a brand they want to read, then the subject, then the content itself.

Fix those things first then test, test, test. But don’t test with different emails over a few weeks, test the same one. Create one variable: delivery time and split test them with your email service if they allow it.

Stop changing how you market your business because of a headline. The only important case study is the one you’re currently running for your business.

Oh, and sign-up for mine, obviously. Only sent when I have something useful for you to read, and not a minute sooner.