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Monthly Archives: July 2012

Check Your Facts Before You Shell Out Info

Social media is an amplifier. The little mix-ups and mistakes we all make in life are just part of being human, and usually we do them quietly. But when we fark up online, people are listening. Our mistakes can get a whole lot louder, which is why checking our facts before we share information online is really important. Before you fuss with your spelling and your grammar and before you click Update, Post, or Send, please make sure what you are sharing is valid. Or at the very least include in the comment that you aren’t sure. So when you see on Twitter that Jon Bon Jovi is dead, maybe you will pause and think for a minute before you share.

Currently, people are sharing two things about Shell Oil that are hoaxes/parodies. One is the website that is made to look like a crowd-sourced ad-campaign gone wrong for shell:

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How Delta’s Tweet Saved The Brand Day

One tweet. 140 characters can mean the difference to your brand. Any brand. Even the biggest.

Twitter is a place where we (meaning me) talk about mostly meaningless stuff. What we’re eating, thinking, watching, doing. That’s what I like about it. It’s virtual small talk. However, we also use it to vent. Venting is our way of getting things out, and Twitter allows us as consumers to vent about mistreatment and to have others give us virtual hugs, and if we’re lucky, we publicly shame the company into playing nice.

It’s amazing what one reply can do. Take what happened recently to me:

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