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Telesummits: You’re Doing Them Wrong – Video

Originally I was going to call this post The Bus Ride, Best Guy and the Bald Spot, since I hopped on a 6 hour round trip bus ride while I’m in NYC, to get to PA to see the best guy I know and he shows you his bald spot, but dang nabbit, that takes too long to explain.

This get-together has been over 5 years in the making (we had never met in person), so Michael Port and I decided to film us chatting about one of our biggest online pet peeves: being asked to speak on telesummits. Have a look:

The moral of the story is: Get to know people before pretending you know them. Do you have any stories of being approached or trying to run a telesummit? Do you have rules on what ones you’d speak for? Let us know in the comments!

Michael has a new version of his famous Book Yourself Solid program coming out. See that link in the last sentence? It’s not even an affiliate one. I don’t make a cent off of you signing up and improving your business. Michael is the best there is and I’m happy to spread the word, proud to call him a friend and gitty I got to finally hang out with him.