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Should Levi’s Disclose Sponsorship of Viral Video?

Can a sponsored video go viral?

Like many things these days, it matters less about who created it, but the emotion/amazement that the video can evoke. That Old Spice dude showed us that and way back in the day, Where the Hell is Matt proved companies could sponsor a concept without hurting the video pass-around

Yesterday introduced us to a whole different area: An incredible video concept that was sponsored but not disclosed. Have a look at the video that I first saw mentioned on Mashable:

Simply brilliant. They even have a “making of” video that’s received over 100k views on its own.

Some people in various comments around the blogs even mentioned that Levi’s missed a great opportunity to sponsor this video, because of the delicious shot of the Levi’s bum tag at the end.

It turns out, Levi’s did sponsor the whole thing.

AdFreak decided to go to the source and ask the people who made the video.

Does this change the video impact to you? Should they have disclosed it at the end? I felt a little skeezy after I found out it was an undisclosed sponsorship. I read about it at my news source (Mashable) and passed it around on facebook and Twitter. The thing is, I would have passed the video around if at the end it said “Thanks Levi’s for making this happen” or something along those lines.

Transparency is huge nowadays, and the fact that they didn’t mention it at all concerns me. You?

What do you think? Comment below!

*UPDATE* I think what bothered me the most is Levi’s isn’t mentioned in the video, in any description, or in the “making of” video which would have been another perfect spot to say it. They left out the sponsorship on purpose through everything.