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Frequently Futile – How Often Should You Blog?

Busy at SXSWi, not blogging

Forgive me bloggers, for I have sinned. It’s been 6 weeks since my last post and I feel guilty about it.

Wait, no I don’t.

The topic of “blogging frequency” has always been something that gets bantered about. The quest for the magical equation of “how often” one should blog has never been answered perfectly. Which is the way it should be. There is no magic number. Daily, weekly, monthly, blogging is not dependent on how frequent, but more on how impactful.

Let me make this clear before going forward, I’m addressing blogs where you want more readers. If it’s something that’s a diary for you, a way for self-expression and not related to wanting to increase readership, this isn’t for you. Blog on!

I’m a huge believer of blogging with passion, whenever that strikes. I rather blog once every two weeks and really care about the topic, than put out a post every other day with some of it filler, because I’ve been told it’s “better for search engines” and “familiarity creates trust”. Making people blog out of a set frequency instead of out of passion for a point is a load of bull-jobbies, and here’s why:

1. Frequent futility can decrease readership. When I read someone like Jay Baer, I know every post is going to be a grand slam. Every one. If he started to write one everyday just to stay in front of me and “mailed a few in” his impact would be less. I would stop jumping to read them. Seriously, when I get an email saying he’s written a new blog post, I read it. Immediately. Shouldn’t that be the same reaction for readers of your blog? Not “I’ll get to it” not “that might be a good post I’ll read soon” but “I HAVE TO READ THIS NOW!”

2. Obligation doesn’t drive passion. I don’t know about you, but when I feel I “have to” do something, I don’t, or I mumble some obscenities then get it done. That’s the issue. Writing “something” is not better than nothing. I didn’t start my own business to hate doing it. It’s the passion and my own take on a subject that brings readers, and even more importantly sometimes, gets those readers to tell others about it. You don’t tweet something that is “meh” for the most part, you tweet awesomeness.

3. You’re hurting the reputation of your most loyal readers. (Ok, so it may not be so extreme, but a blogging course taught me to write compelling bullet points. Taa+Daa!). If you’re a loyal reader of someones blog, to the point of fanboy/girl level (meaning you say “ZOMG!! He/she wrote something!! SQUEEE!!”) and you tweet out a post from them that’s more filler than anything, just based on the fact that it’s “anything” and one of your followers clicks to read it, you’ve hurt your rep. It’s like crying wolf. The more you call something “EPIC” when it truly is not, the less people will click through something you recommend. Plus, when a new person reads your “obligation” post, that’s their only impression of you. Every post needs to be the one you want people to be introduced to you.

4. Search engines like relevance. Now, I’m no SEO expert, but as far as I know, one of the main things Google uses to rank relevancy is how many other relevant sites are linking to your post. People don’t highlight and backlink to things that are “ok” they link to great stuff. Write content that make people say “yes!” or even “no!”. Passion attracts passion.

5. Life happens, it’s only a freaking blog people. One of the reasons I haven’t blogged in 6 weeks is life happens. At the end of the day blogs, Twitter, Facebook are just sites. Sometimes the world is more important than the digital one we live in.

This isn’t meant to put pressure on you that every post has to be “epic”, but it kinda does. It’s a representation of your business and opinion, shouldn’t it be the best you’ve got at that moment?

I know the more I blog the more it generates readers, reputation and business. With the UnMarketing book coming out, I know I need to blog more. But it’s the quality of posts that generates that along with quantity. That’s the goal, blog as frequently as you can that generates quality. For some, that’s daily, others weekly and for people like me, it’s when life lets you. And I’m ok with that.

What say you? Comment below!