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Monthly Archives: November 2009

Swiss Chalet Rudolph, You Creep Me Out

I don’t write this post as a marketer (or UnMarketer).

I don’t own an ad agency and have no idea about the process, the struggle and constraints there are in putting together a national ad campaign.

But I am a customer and have been dining at Swiss Chalet for 30ish years. (For those that don’t know Swiss Chalet it’s a Canadian chain of yummy chicken places, where you typically take old folks for their birthday, holidays etc.. and by old folks, I now include me.)

I recently saw the “Rudolph Swiss Chalet” commercial that turned me off so much from the place that I’ve dined at countless times it actually turns me off the brand entirely (even though I’m hooked on their quarter-chicken dinner, fries and chalet sauce)

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The 7 Deadly Twitter Sins

Sitting here at the airport in Vegas, getting ready for the flight of shame home (not to mention it being a connecting red-eye.. oye!)  I got to thinking about this topic of sins considering I committed all seven real life ones over the past 6 days here (ok, so maybe not “Wrath” but I almost went to the machine gun range, just to be 7-for-7).

PLEASE NOTE: I am refraining from naming each sin with a “TW” like “Tweed” or the “Twust” because legally you should be able to pour motor oil over someones Cheerios if they do that.

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An Idiot Calling The Kettle Black

I get called a lot of names. I get it. It comes with the territory of someone who tweets non-stop with a strong opinion with an air of arrogance confidence.

However, when I get called something like “a complete idiot” from a spamming PR company, it gets my man-panties in a knot.

I hold PR companies to a higher standard since one of their functions is making others look good.

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Sorry, You’ve Been Phished. What?


I can haz ur passwerd?

Heeeere phishy phishy phishy! (to quote the great Ernie from Sesame Street)

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