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Start Engaging.

Why Pop-Ups Hurt Your Blog and Relationships

Pop-ups are back! This time they are unstoppable. Seriously. And that’s a bad thing for your blog.

Interuptive pop-ups are so 1998. Why do you think all browsers block the old-style ones by default? Because no one likes them being thrown in your face!

Yes, they serve a purpose, and yes they can actually help build a following if used correctly, but seriously people, setting it to go off within 3 seconds of arriving is equal to the used car salesmen pouncing the second you pull on the lot.

Want to use it correctly? Have it go as an exit pop-up and word it in a way that makes sense (i.e. “If you enjoyed what you just read, sign-up for our updates, where more awesomesauce is sure to come!”)

**UPDATE** One of the owners of Twitter Watchdog has informed me that they are no longer using that pop-up on the site, and believe in engaging with their audience. Good on ya guys. Feel free to go forth and check them out yourself.